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Skin irritation because of sun exposure is generally characterized by itchiness, lesions, and redness along the area that could be a manifestation of skin problems. A lot of factors can cause itchy skin irritations, and its degree of severity and duration also depends on several factors. Some people are genetically prone to body and facial skin irritations while some are extra sensitive to irritants. Minor skin irritations can easily be treated if diagnosed right away.

Sun Skin Irritation and Allergy Causes

Irritation and soreness occurs in the folding of the skin, like under the breasts, the armpit and behind the knee.

Increase in sweating and rubbing of the skin against each other can usually cause soreness and sore armpit. This condition is usually present in people with weight problem. See your physician immediately if you suspect fungus.

The skin is our primary defense against penetration of potentially harmful substances to our body. Its basic function is to ensure that our internal organs and muscles are protected against the sun, weather, and other pollutants. Since the skin is the most exposed organ in our body, it regularly faces the risk of getting irritated. Among the many causes of skin irritations are due to the following conditions:

  • Environmental Factors.
    Some household stuff that you thought harmless such as detergents, dyes, and cleaning powders could be a cause of skin irritation. Your personal belongings like your perfume, soap, even your clothing and certain fabric materials can also contribute to skin irritation. Your personal hygiene could also cause skin irritation such as frequent washing or extended contact with water.
  • Pets can also cause skin irritation especially furry animals like cats and dogs. The leaves and pollen of certain plants could also be a skin irritant.
  • Exposure to extremely hot or cold weather conditions
  • Allergic reaction to drugs.
  • Infections due to parasites, bacteria or fungus, and insect bites
  • Physiological and Emotional Factors. Hormonal changes and stress could also contribute to skin irritation.
  • Causes and treatment of facial skin irritation

Signs and Symptoms Skin Irritation from Sun

The indication of skin irritation varies from one person to another depending on the person’s condition, environmental and biological factors. However, some of the most common symptoms are associated with the following:

  • Itchiness
  • Redness
  • Pain
  • Burning or tingling sensation
  • Chapped skin
  • Blisters
  • Red or dark spots
  • Change in skin texture
  • Crusty or thickened of skin

Home Remedies and Cures for Skin Allergy or Irritation from Sun

Minor skin irritations can be remedied through simple skin irritation treatment such as maintaining a clean environment. Personal hygiene could also help in preventing skin irritations. Bath regularly with soap and clean water if you have noticed some signs of red skin irritations. Consider using anti-bacterial soap while the symptoms are still there. If the symptoms persist, seek for professional advice right away to prevent further damage and complications to your skin.

  • Skin is slightly sore (painful and red); occurs rarely due to tight or wrong clothing; can also be caused by other types of physical stress.
    Remedy – Calendula powder
  • Skin is bright red accompanied by quick strong pain; especially due to increased sweating – during physical stress or illness accompanied by fever.
    Remedy – Belladonna
  • Sweating heavily; sweating around the head during the night; skin is pale, cold, wet and loose. Especially in children who develop slowly and people who lack energy and interest.
    Remedy – Calcarea carbonica
  • Increased sweating with hot flashes (reddening of the face) during menopause
    Remedy – Sanguinara
  • Excess sweating with hot flashes; skin hates water; skin is hard, red and dry; usually in children and active, self absorbed people.
    Worse – in the spring, humid weather, warmth
    Remedy – Sulfur

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