Severe Knee Pain | Home Cures For Knee Pain in Night While Sleeping

While there are plenty of things that can cause you to experience pain in your knees, the most common reason is due to arthritis, unless the pain is due to an injury or after the knee was struck with severe blow. But if there is no reason to suspect injury as the cause for knee joint pain, then it is most likely that it is due to arthritis.

Home Remedies for Severe Knee Pain

So if you are experiencing the problem and need immediate relief, try any of the following interventions:

  • One of the aggravating factors for arthritis is being obese, so it is important that you shed off that excess weight.
    This is because being heavy places additional burden on the knees to carry. This is the reason why it is important to be on diet to make sure that you will go light. Moreover, light exercises like swimming, biking, and brisk walking will help a lot in treating pain in the knees due to arthritis.
  • If you happen to live near the sea, try dipping on the warm waters every morning. For better results, bury the aching knee in the sand for at least 30 minutes every day. Although the reasons are still largely undetermined, it is known that dipping in the sea every morning reduces the pain and discomfort associated with pain in the knees.
  • A warm compress will help a lot to provide relief. Place a hot pack on the knee every time it aches. You can also try dipping a piece of towel in hot water and then apply on the aching knee.
  • Make sure to avoid activities that strain the knee too much. For example, refrain from squatting and bending your knees frequently as this can trigger painful attacks.
  • Prepare a paste by mixing goat’s milk, turmeric powder, wheat, and castor. Apply on the part of the knee that aches overnight by wrapping the area with a handkerchief or a towel.
  • One of the more popular knee pain remedies in the Orient is to apply boiled tamarind leaf on the aching knee and then wrap it with a piece of cloth. For this purpose, you can use either the leaf or the fruit. When using the latter, make sure to lightly pound the fruit first before placing it on the aching knee. This is to allow the juice from the fruit to spread on the achy area.