Ringworm in Humans | Causes, Treatment, Cures for Ringworm in Humans

Question: Can you please share some effective and natural ways to cure and treat ringworm infection in humans?

What Is Ringworm in Humans?

Ringworm infection in humans is usually characterized with a red, itchy, thick patch on your skin. Ringworm is normally round that looks like a needle prick and oozes with water or puss. Ringworm is also characterized by defined edges with blisters, and it is redder when compared to the other parts of your skin. Ringworms can also infect the nails making the nails lose its color, crumble, and grow thicker.

It can also infect the scalp causing bald patches.

What Causes Ringworm in Humans?

The body is infested with different fungi and bacteria that could be useful but sometimes they can do more harm than good especially with factors that could contribute its worsening like poor nutrition. Ringworm is a type of skin disease, and most skin diseases are caused by poor personal hygiene. Close contact with infected persons especially those with open wounds can also transmit the bacteria or fungi to another person.

Ringworm Home Treatment and Remedies for Humans

Just like any other infections, ringworm can be treated at home and with natural remedies.

You can get a topical anti-fungal or antibacterial cream at your nearest pharmacy and apply the ointment on a clean and freshly-washed infected area of the skin. Aside from buying an ointment to treat ringworm, you can also apply these safe and natural home remedies:

  • The use of fruits such as papaya applied on the infected area has been proven effective to cure ringworm. Rub a few slices of ripe papaya on the infected area at least twice a day to treat the infection. The dried seeds of the papaya can also be used as an organic remedy for ringworm. Make a paste out of the seeds and apply them freely on the infected skin area.
  • Similarly, raw vegetables such as carrot and spinach juices are good home remedies for ringworm.
  • For ringworm treatment on the scalp, use castor and coconut oil. Rub the castor or coconut oil on the areas affected with ringworm to cure the infection. Coconut oil can also be applied on other parts of the infected skin.
  • Mustard seeds. Add some water on the seeds to make a paste then apply the mixture on the infected area.
  • The raw juice of turmeric can also be a good remedy for ringworm. Mix the turmeric juice with an equal amount of honey and take the mixture orally.
  • Applying a mudpack on the area for thirty minutes for twice a day would also help in curing the infection.
  • Finally, after all the remedies you have applied, you should avoid condiments, coffee and caffeinated products, cereals, tea, sugar, products of white flour, and bottled foods.