Reduce Period Flow: How to Reduce Period Flow, Heavy Periods Naturally

Once a girl reaches puberty, certain changes happen. This is also the indication that a girl is entering womanhood. Menstruation plays a big part in this transition of childhood to adulthood. However, a woman’s menstruation period can bring lots of difficulties every month.

Physiologically, menstruation happens when the ovaries release the egg into the uterus and then comes out of the body in the form of blood. This phenomenon occurs to girls at about eleven years old as they enter puberty. On the other hand, there are also many disorders surrounding the menstrual cycle in females.

These disorders include period gaps, heavy periods, and painful menstruation or dysmenorrhea, which can be caused by certain factors such as illness, stress, hormonal changes, anemia, and others. Because of this, some women have been continuously searching for ways to control or regulate their periods.

How to Reduce Period Flow

The following are some of the commonly used ways on how to reduce period flow. You can follow these tips in the comfort of your own home.

  • Taking pills that are designed to stop the menstrual cycle is one option that many women resort to.
    However, safety in their health cannot be guaranteed since some pills have adverse effects. Pills such as contraceptives also do not guarantee actual assurance that menstruation will stop.
  • Hydrating yourself by drinking more water can also help you stop or minimize the blood coming out during your menstruation. Since the menstrual blood generally contains body waste, you can lessen the waste by excreting it in the form of urine. Hence, it is important to consume as much water as you can so that the waste can be converted into urine.
  • Some women also do yoga and exercise to slow down the heavy bleeding. These activities are also beneficial in the circulation of blood as well as for the overall wellness of the body.
  • A healthy diet with the exclusion of spicy foods can also reduce the amount of blood during menstruation. Calcium can also lessen the blood flow.
  • Some women also increase their intake of sweets or sugar during their period to avoid the heavy flow of blood.