Pulled Tendon: Home Remedies for Pulled Tendon, Torn Ligament in Ankle

How to Prevent Pulled Tendon or Torn Ligament in Ankle

A pulled tendon or torn muscles in the ankle usually happens among athletes who perform strenuous physical exercises and activities without properly warming up. Torn ligament in ankle can cause pain, discomfort and can keep you from doing your usual activities. Ankles must be in good condition because it takes your whole body weight and most of your daily activities involve your ankles. Having pulled tendon can be prevented by doing the following:

  • Conduct a 10 to 15 minute warm up before engaging in athletic activities such as running and marathon.
    Athletes who do abrupt stop and go movements such as tennis, basketball, soccer and softball players are more prone to have torn tendon in ankle.
  • If you are starting to feel pain in your ankles while walking or doing exercises, take a few minutes to rest to avoid having a pulled tendon.
  • Wear comfortable shoes especially those which do not have high arch

Home Remedies for Pulled Tendon

Pulled tendon can be treated at home using age-old remedies that include the following:

  • Apply ice therapy using an ice pack or by placing some ice cubes around your ankles and wrap them with a clean strip of cloth.
    This will help reduce the swelling and eliminate pain.
  • You can also use a bandage to hold the ankle and prevent your feet from moving. This technique will speed up the recovery of your torn ligaments.
  • If the pain is bearable, slowly move your ankles in a circular motion to exercise and strengthen them. Stretch your ankles but do not push it to the point that you already feel pain. You can also contact a physical therapist to guide you in thus process.
  • You can also treat pulled tendon in ankle by applying heat on the injured area.
    Taking hot bath or shower will do the trick. Applying heat pads on your ankles will also help in easing the pain and will enhance blood circulation thus making your recovery faster. Adding Epsom salt on your warm bath will also increase your healing process. Epsom salt is known for its numerous healing properties.
  • Prepare strips of old newspaper and soak them in apple cider vinegar. Place the soaked newspapers around your ankle and wrap them with an airtight material. Change the newspaper three times a day till swelling is reduced.