Prinzmetals Angina | Prinzmetal Angina Symptoms and Home Remedies

Definition of Prinzmetal Angina

Anyone who has been awake as of late would have shivered at the frightening array of heart diseases that are haunting man today. The realities of this world are such that today, the top killer in the world is heart diseases. However, as if such problem is not enough to cause severe pain and sorrow to man, here comes prinzmetal angina. This is also a dreaded type of problem affecting the chest area. Although not directly affecting the heart itself, this can cause a lot of pain to those who suffer them.

Variant angina is considered to be a special type of angina for various reasons. One such reason that differentiates prinzmetal angina from ordinary angina is the fact that the chest pains occur only when a person is at rest. Moreover, such pains typically happen during the early hours of the morning. And as in the case of most heart problems, prinzmetal angina does not give any warning of its possible attack. Moreover, prinzmetal angina is not due to most chest pains that are caused by the hardening of the arterial walls in the heart.

Instead, the condition is caused by the narrowing of coronary arteries resulting to the contraction of the muscle tissues in the walls of the arteries.

Prinzmetal Angina Symptoms

Being a special type of angina, the usual angiography does not work when testing for prinzmetal angina. This is because there are a lot of differences between prinzmetal angina and the ordinary variant. Instead, what is needed is to employ ergonovine in angiography. This special technique triggers coronary artery spasms, thus detecting if the patient has prinzmetal angina or is at risk of developing it.

The need to accurately test a person if positive for prinzmetal angina is due to the fact that when left untreated, prinzmetal angina can have serious consequences. Moreover, it will also guide doctors to the kind of treatment that will be required.

Home Treatment and Remedies for Prinzmetal Angina

One common treatment that is fast gaining ground today is the use of food supplements that are rich in chelated magnesium. Chelated magnesium has been known to be effective as well as calcium channel blockers which have long been employed in the treatment of prinzmetal angina. On the other hand, nitrates that come in tablet form are also gaining attention because it shows a lot of promise in prinzmetal angina treatment.