Persistent Hiccups: Causes and Tips to Stop Recurring, Chronic Hiccups

Having persistent or chronic hiccups causes discomfort to a person. It is a condition that gives much annoyance especially when a person is in front of a public or surrounded by a crowd. Having hiccups gets even worse when it extends for long periods of time up to a whole week.

What Causes Chronic and Persistent Hiccups

The lack of blood flow to the diaphragm is what causes the hiccups. Although hiccups are a natural occurrence, it still needs to be cured particularly the continuous hiccups. The following bits of information can help you solve the problems on hiccups.

Home Remedies and Natural Tips to Stop Persistent Hiccups

  • One simple way to stop hiccups is by practicing alternate breathing in and breathing out with your nostrils. You can do this by plugging one nostril as you inhale and then plug out when breathing out. Do this for at least five minutes.
  • If the breathing exercise does not work for your chronic hiccups, you can use a mixture of castor and honey oil. Lick a small portion of the mixture into your finger for every two minutes.
  • Another useful tip in curing persistent hiccups is by drinking lots of water.
    What you need to do is to fill a glass with lukewarm water and place a clean cloth over it and drink through the cloth.
  • You can also try eating a spoonful of sugar by placing the granulated sugar on your mouth and let it melt.
  • Consuming a lemon or other citrus fruit can also help get rid of persistent coughing.
  • Inhaling and exhaling through a paper bag may also help you relieve yourself from the discomfort. Place the bag in front of your nose and slowly breathe in and out for about five times.
  • Also, you can try relaxing your whole body by sitting in a chair straight with your back. Then cross your arms over your chest and try bending forward as much as you can. You have to feel that you are squeezing the air out of your body when you bend forwards.
  • Moreover, if you are experiencing hiccups for more than three days continuously, you must consult with your doctor. Your doctor can give you medications that can treat hiccups.
  • You can get the help form some masseuse who can do a specialized massage on your neck to help you relieve your recurring hiccups problem.