Pain and Swelling in Roof of Mouth | Home Remedies and Treatments

Experiencing pain in any part of the mouth is truly such an annoying condition. Because having painful areas in the mouth affects our swallowing, which can also spill into affecting our appetite and our mood for the day. Needless to say, having pain at the roof of the mouth is one of those things that can ruin your day.

Anyone will notice that the pain in roof of mouth is usually a result of eating spicy foods. Likewise, consuming hot beverages also result to this condition as if to suggest that the roof of the mouth got scalded by the very hot liquid.

In some cases, not only is there pain at the roof of the mouth, one will also experience having blisters and ulcers forming on the affected area. When this occurs, consuming both solid and liquid foods are made more difficult.

Home Remedies and Natural Cures for Swelling and Pain in Roof of Mouth

If you can no longer withstand the pain, simply look around your house and you can employ effective home remedies such as the following:

  • In the case of blisters forming at the roof of the mouth, applying baking soda on the blisters is an effective home remedy for blisters.
    Simply apply baking soda on the area of the blister and allow it to dissolve completely. You can apply the soda as frequent as you want.
  • Although a bit difficult and more complicated than applying soda, a time-tested treatment for pain and blisters in the roof of the mouth is to apply ice on the affected area. However, one should not prolong the application because too much cold may numb the mouth cavity, causing a disruption in the blood flow.
  • Consume yogurt regularly for at least five consecutive days. Being a healthy snack, yogurt contains live microorganisms that counter the pain in the roof of the mouth. It will also help cool the area and reduce the recovery time.

Aside from using any of the above listed treatments, another important consideration is to minimize the intake of foods that can worsen the condition. Here, avoid taking any food that contains spice of any sort or amount. Likewise, it will also help if you will reduce the intake of salt. Bland foods are the recommended type of food because their neutrality does not contribute in any way and even making the situation worse. If however, the situation becomes worse further, one will do well to consult a doctor.