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Alternative Decongestant Remedies

Some people can really suffer all their life with sinus congestion and other nasal allergies. This can be a major burden and while you can still resolve it, there are actually less complex and natural remedies to deal with nasal congestion. There are a number of home remedies that you can try when treating your congestion. The information below will greatly help you cope with the problem.

Natural Nasal Decongestant

Unlike other over-the-counter drugs that can bring you adverse effects, natural decongestants can help you unclog your nose safely and conveniently.

  • Herbs are the most common decongestants widely used by people who do not prefer drugs. One of these remedies is the skin of red onions and apples. The skin of the onion and apple has quercetin, which is a type of flavoniod that is considered as a histamine blocker, anti-inflammatory, and also antioxidant.
  • Moreover, spicy foods are also a blessing for people experiencing nasal problems. Spicy foods such as chili, salsa, wasabi, and others have natural decongestant components that aid in breathing.
  • Foods rich in vitamin C will also help, since vitamin c is a type of antioxidant and is good for the health and also fights of allergies.
    It can also help the body avoid certain infections and help prevent blocked sinuses.
  • Steam is also one of the most convenient ways to decongest. Having a steam vaporizer in your home can help you relieve blocked sinuses without worrying of side effects. You can also add eucalyptus to make the decongestion more effective.
  • Ginger is probably the best nasal decongestant. It can help you relieve the discomforts of nasal congestion. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that can lessen the swell in the mucus membranes, which cause nasal clogging.
  • A dose of peppermint tea can help you unblock your sinuses. Drinking a nice warm cup of tea can be best done without milk. Avoid adding milk into your tea since dairy products can just increase the production of mucus in your body.
  • There are other mint teas that can also help you decongest. You can try making Chai spiced tea, mandarin or orange-flavored tea, and other citrus teas as well.
  • Neti pots have also been useful in decongesting the nasal passages. In decongesting using a neti pot, you must add a salt-water solution and then inhale it.

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