Lime Juice Benefits: Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon and Lime Juice

The lime is one of the tropical fruits that belong to the citrus group. It has several health benefits, and you can make use of it from its skin, to its juice, down to its pulp. Its juice can do wonders to the body and it can relieve a person from numerous diseases. There are several varieties of lime, but they are generally categorized in two groups: the acidic limes and the sweet one. The most cultivated and produced are acidic limes due to its high nutritional value and health benefits.

Benefits and Uses of Lime or Lemon

Lime can be used in different ways. Because of its acidic property, it has natural antibacterial component that naturally fights off bacterial infection. You can gently massage the lime pulp on your face and rinse it off after 5 to 10 minutes. You can also use the pulp or lime peeling to sanitize your hands or get rid of fishy smell in your hands. Since lime is rich in vitamin C, the lime juice is very effective in boosting the immune system. The lime fruit is also a good source of calcium, natural sugar, and citric acid.

Lime juice can also be mixed in fruit salad or garden fresh salad for added tangy flavor and for the other ingredients to retain their natural color. Lime can also be used in making soups, gravy and sauces.

Lime Juice Benefits to Health and Body

Lime juice has been used since the ancient times due to its medicinal properties and it can give out the following health benefits:

  • Heals diseases related to the bones and joints
  • Boost the immune system and improve the body’s resistance against various infections
  • Prevents eye damage
  • Speeds up wound healing
  • Strengthens the teeth and protects the teeth against tooth decay, cavities and   gum problems

Lime juice is also known to cure varied illnesses such as:

  • Constipation. Lime juice mixed in warm water promotes biliary secretion from the liver resulting to an easier release of feces.
  • Scurvy. Due to its richness in vitamin C, lime juice is known to effectively cure scurvy.
  • Cold and flu. A mixture of warm water, lime juice with a teaspoon of honey is proven effective in fighting off common colds
  • Obesity. A glass of lime juice in the morning and is taken on an empty stomach has natural properties that can contribute to weight reduction.