Hair Thickening Natural Treatment: Home Remedies To Strengthen Hair

Hair thickening and hair growing services and products are just some of the most in-demand cosmetic products today. This is because long and thick hair, especially in women, are taken as trademarks of real beauty. So if you have been frustrated in your attempts to grow your hair thick and long, then the following tips will help:

Hair growth is a common problem for those who experience hair thinning or balding. In some cases, hair loss affects the self-confidence of the affected person. Although common in men, the condition can also affect women.

In fact, the situation is even more dreaded by women than by men because hair loss is something that is not expected in the female gender.

Home Remedies For Thickening Hair Naturally

  • One of the factors that contribute to poor hair growth is your diet. However, in order to better benefit your hair, you have to go straightly to nourish it by application of substances that can nourish it.
  • One such substance whose efficiency is known is aloe vera. In fact, aloe vera is recognized in various cultures as a very healthy food. When using this to grow your hair thick and long, simply obtain the fresh gel-like substance from the leaf by stripping the upper layer.
    Apply regularly to your hair. You can use it as a shampoo or you can allow it to sit on your hair for at least 15 minutes. When using aloe vera, make sure that it reaches the scalp to promote better hair growth.
  • Aside from fresh aloe vera, you can also use substances that contain aloe such as aloe vera gel and Aloe Vera juice.

Natural Treatment For Hair Strengthening

  • Eggs are also beneficial in your endeavor to grow your hair thick and long. Beat a piece of egg and massage it into the scalp. Use comb to make sure that the egg will reach the scalp. It is a must that it reaches the scalp because only through it will the roots of the hair be nourished and promote good hair growth. Egg is rich in vitamins A, D, and E and some B vitamins that are known to strengthen and thicken the hair by providing it nourishment. It also regulates sebum production in the scalp to make sure that hair will not become brittle and thin.
  • Add oat flour to your regular conditioner. Oat flour is rich in lipids that thicken the hair. Aside from mixing oat flour with your conditioner, you can also mix a tablespoon of oat flour with a cup of water. Spray it into your hair and allow it to sit for at least 10 minutes.
  • You can also prepare a thickening mask by combining mashed avocado and banana to strengthen brittle hair. The potassium in banana nourishes the hair while vitamins A, B, and E in avocado nourishes hair.
  • Another means to promote hair growth is to make sure that one is getting enough protein from one’s diet. The structure of the hair is mainly keratin. In order to preserve the strength and growth of the hair, protein intake will be good. The best sources of protein are soy products, beans, vegetables, and meat. When one have sufficient intake of the nutrient, you can have good hair growth.