What Is Global Amnesia | Causes Of Total Transient Global Amnesia

Global amnesia is characterized by a temporary but almost total loss of memory that could be brought about by traumatic experience. Global amnesia is usually the brains defense mechanism to an extremely painful event.

There are different forms of amnesia. Some are temporary while some forms of memory loss occurs periodically or amid intervals, but global amnesia differs from the rest due to its distinct characteristic wherein the brain seems to cease to remember anything beyond the last few minute events of his life for more or less 24 hours. 

Transient Global Amnesia Causes

There is no definite cause of global amnesia or transient global amnesia (TGA), but studies reveal that the said condition is usually experienced among people who experienced reduced blood flow or poor blood circulation to and from the brain.

Global amnesia also occurred among people with atypical type of migraine or epilepsy. But most people who experience transient global amnesia are those who have recently experienced a situation unacceptable to the system such as the loss of a loved one and other sudden misfortunes.

Dealing With Transient Global Amnesia Symptoms

A person undergoing a state of transient global amnesia generally does not have a problem with perceptual or motor skills; in fact, his lucidity and mental alertness remains intact. The person also can identify close family members and remembers deep-seated self information such as his name and other important information.

The only problem with a person under a TGA state is his inability to remember outside the last few minutes.

Dealing with a person or a loved one with this condition could be emotionally and psychologically challenging but your loved one relies on your proper guidance and understanding. The person undergoing transient global amnesia is not a burden to the people around him. He just have to be treated normally with extra effort for you to be patient on things he might not remember for the next 24 hours. Giving the person the right attention and talking with him would also help in making him feel secure and protected.

Social Support For Global Amnesia Patient

To better understand transient global amnesia and to know how you can better manage your loved one’s condition, you can get a copy of psychology books specializing on the matter.

You can also reach out to other individuals with family members who have the same condition to draw strength and support from them. You can also get an on line counseling and therapy to make the situation easier for you to handle.