Foul Smelling Urine: Causes and Home Remedies for Foul Smell in Urine

Foul Smelling Urine Causes

Foul-smelling urine is one of the gauges that is vital at determining whether one is healthy or not. Infections, especially those affecting the urinary tract and the kidneys as well as diabetes, can manifest their impact through foul-smelling urine. As such, one should not take it for granted when one’s urine becomes smelly. This is the reason why home remedies for the treatment in the elimination of the foul smell in urine are important.

Treatment and Home Remedies for Foul Smelling Urine

The following are the different home remedies for foul-smelling urine:

  • The best and simplest means to eliminate the bad urine smell is to increase the amount of fluids that a person takes in one day.
    Increasing the amount of water will greatly help to achieve this aim although one may substitute water with fresh fruit juices and other fluids. With the increase in the amount of fluids that one takes, the smell in one’s urine will be eliminated.
  • Among fresh juices, there is nothing that is more beneficial than fresh cranberry juice in the elimination of smell from the urine. Benefits of cranberry juice include the effective treatment of urinary tract infection, especially in the early stages of the ailment. When drinking cranberry juice, make sure that it is not straight form a can or pack because the smell of the container can be imparted to the juice itself.
    As an alternative, one may also consume fresh cranberry fruits as often as possible in a day.
  • One common cause of having smelly urine is urinary tract infection. This also leads to one’s urine being smelly. To treat this, one may prepare a concoction by mixing baking soda and water. Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with four liters of warm water. Consume this preparation throughout the day. Baking soda is very effective in the treatment of urinary tract infection while increasing the acidic level of the urine to eliminate the odor.
  • In the case of women, discharge can get mixed with the urine, causing the urine to become foul-smelling. To treat this, one may use tea tree oil. A few drops of the oil on the genital opening will help treat the bacteria causing the discharge. Another way to treat this cause of foul smell in the urine is to consume plain yogurt as frequently as possible. This contains live microorganisms that attack the bacteria causing the foul odor.

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