Foods That Contain Iron: Iron Rich Foods, Fruits and Vegetables

What Does Iron Do In The Body

Iron is one of the vital nutrients needed by our body. It is vital in promoting good blood health especially in the avoidance of diseases such as anemia triggered by iron deficiency. Among the gender, women are the ones who need it more than men because their monthly period can offset their iron supply. So if you are wondering which foods can help you maintain a healthy level of iron in the body, the following are the recommended foods:

Can you please help me in making up list of fruits and vegetables that are rich in iron?

Iron Rich Foods, Fruits and Vegetables

  • Sea foods are great sources of iron.
    Mussels, clams, and fishes are rich in iron. The best way to get the iron is to have your food as fresh as possible. The soonest you consume these foods from the source, the better are your chances of obtaining iron. Moreover, cooking style also affects how much iron you will be getting. It is generally advised to refrain roasting these foods as these allow iron to escape.
    Instead, cook them in soup for better iron absorption. See foods to stimulate appetite
  • Certain animal parts such as kidneys and liver are also good sources of iron for the body. However, such foods do not have the high level of iron that is normally found in sea foods and in fresh, green, and leafy vegetables.
  • Here is the List of Iron Rich Vegetarian Foods
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are also great sources of iron.
    For example broccoli and cabbages are excellent sources of iron for the body.
  • A key consideration in consuming iron is to avoid foods that can rob your body of the chance to absorb iron. These foods include sugar and carbohydrates. However, this is not applicable to all foods rich in carbohydrates because cereals, bread, cookies, pasta and pizza are also great sources of iron, despite their being rich in carbohydrates.
  • By the same token, avoid taking refined foods as well. When you consume refined foods, you squander at most 40% of the iron that your body is supposed to absorb from the foods that you eat. This is the reason why when baking or cooking at home, as much as possible, avoid using refined sugar and flour as these are no good sources of iron for the body.
  • One of the rising means to supply the body with iron today is through the consumption of food supplements that are rich in iron. However, when taking supplements, be certain about the background of the manufacturer because many supplements out there have very low levels of iron than what they advertise.