Food Stuck In Throat: Home Remedies to Remove and Dislodge Food Stuck

Natural Cures for Food Stuck in Throat

Every now and then, people may suffer from throat obstruction. The causes may vary, but the usual causes of obstruction are fish or chicken lodged on the throat or anything that causes difficulty in breathing and swallowing food. Throat obstruction needs to be dislodged right away to avoid serious damages to the person.

Possible Risks of Food Stuck in Throat

Having something lodged on a person’s throat may happen anytime if a person is not too careful and even is attentive on what he puts on his mouth, throat obstruction can still happen.

A person who accidentally blocked his throat must be given immediate relief otherwise; he would face the following risks:

  • Choking
  • If the fishbone is not immediately removed, the wound might possibly get infected causing further damage in the esophagus
  • Air deprivation
  • Prolonged air deprived due to throat obstruction may result to death

How to Remove Food Stuck In Throat

If food gets stuck in throat, while you are dining with him, try these natural home remedies to dislodge food:

  • In any accidents, the most important thing to remember is not to panic. Seeing somebody drool or gag might cause you to panic, but it might worsen the situation instead of resolving the problem.
    It is important to remain calm. Have a clear mind to have focus and for you to remember to do the things to help the person.
  • Ask the person with obstructed throat to open his mouth. If you can see the cause of obstruction, try to reach for it. If you cannot reach the source of obstruction, leave it for the meantime while looking for ways to resolve the issue.
  • Take uncooked egg, swallow the yolk including the red to help the obstruction slide down.
  • If the cause of obstruction is a fish or chicken bone, try swallowing hard cooked rice or a lump of hard bread to push the bone down to the stomach.
  • You can gargle an amount of vinegar to soften to the bone stuck in the throat. Swallowing cooked rice or hard bread after gargling vinegar will help loosen the obstruction.
  • You can also opt to swallow a tablespoonful of olive oil to allow the obstruction to slide down to your stomach.
  • To prevent throat obstruction, always chew your food well. Do no eat in a hurry because some bones might go unnoticed resulting to throat obstruction, pain and discomfort.