Excess Mucus in Throat: Causes, Remedies for Excessive Mucus Coughing

A cough is just a normal response of the body due to certain inflammations or irritations happening in the throat, bronchial tubes, larynx, or even the lungs. The basic kinds of cough include dry and congested coughs. Each of these two types of coughs has different causes. To know more about coughs and excessive mucus coughing and its treatment, read on the following information.

Causes for Excessive Mucus Coughing

Some of the common causes of coughing and mucus coming out as phlegm and even having excess mucus in throat are due to colds, influenza, infections in the respiratory system, sinus congestion, smoking, and the presence of foreign substances in the throat.

Heartburn has also been determined to be one leading cause of coughing as well as some other irritants such as dirt and pollen. Coughing can also be a symptom for asthma. However, for common cases of coughing, the following can help.

Home Remedies and Treatment for Excess Mucus in Throat

What can I do to cure cough and excess mucus in throat?

  • One effective way to get rid of coughing is by breathing steam from a vaporizer or from a cauldron of boiling water. The moist air that comes out from the vapor aids in soothing the airways and loosening the blocked sinus and excess mucus in throat and helps eject the phlegm in your throat and lungs.
    Adding eucalyptus into the steam will also make the treatment more effective.
  • Elevating the part of your bed where your head normally rests will also allow your nasal passages to drain the phlegm and excess mucus in throat. If elevating your bed is not possible, you can also try stacking two or more pillows.
  • Avoid and even quit smoking since the cigarette and other smoking elements contain irritants that can increase the production of phlegm in your system.
  • Water therapy is also a good way to get rid of the mucus and phlegm in your throat and lungs. This is the most natural way to cure cough and other viral illnesses.
  • Be sure to keep your environment clean as a dirty and shabby surrounding can invite bacteria and disease-causing elements.
  • Drinking hot tea can also help you get rid of mucus in your nasal membranes and helps opening the airways.
  • Placing hot packs in your chest or throat is also soothing.
  • A mixture of cypress, juniper oil, and ginger can also help in decongesting blocked airways.
  • Lastly, also try having massage for it can help you relax.