Dry Itchy Lips | Causes and Natural Home Remedies for Itchy Lips

Having itchy lips can be attributed to varied reasons. It could be allergy, vitamin deficiency, a skin condition known as cheilitis or some other underlying condition. Its symptoms would include redness and puffiness all around the lips and having dry, cracked lips. Without proper and detailed description of the symptom, it cannot be ascertained which of these are the causes itchy lips.

Allergy Causing Itchy Lips

It may be food or drug allergy or just an allergy to certain chemicals like pollutants or those found in cosmetics. One has to carefully study the symptoms and find out exactly what is triggering the allergy.

If it is a food or a drink or a drug, you need to avoid them altogether and consult with your doctor for an alternative medicine. There are also certain chemicals present in cosmetics that may trigger the allergy.

If this is what is causing your itchy lips, you may need to change your cosmetics and find one that will suit your skin’s sensitivity. There are also times when the weather conditions can cause one to have allergic reactions.

If this is what is causing your lips to itch, you may need to frequently wash your wash everytime you come from the outside.

In this way, the irritants are washed away from your skin.

Tips to Cure Dry Itchy Lips

When you keep having itchy lips, it is important that one maintains a healthy lifestyle with a nutritious diet. Have plenty of fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water to keep you hydrated. You need to keep your lips moisturized with a lip balm or petroleum jelly to avoid dry itchy lips.

When the skin is dry, it is more prone to becoming itchy. If you are in the habit of smoking, you also need to stop it because cigarette or tobacco smoking tends to dry up your lips. The same is true with alcohol drinking and eating spicy foods which are known to trigger flare ups and worsen the itchy lips feeling. It is advisable to do some moderate exercises daily’”30 minutes at the maximum and to keep your stress levels low.

Home Remedies and Treatment of Dry Itchy Lips

There are some home items that can be used to soothe itchy lips. If it is allergy that is causing the itch, try honey and almond oil. They are effective softeners that help relieve the allergy. Moisturizers and baby oil can help dry up your lips and will reduce the itching sensation as well.