Dry Inside Nose: Causes and Treatment to Cure Dry Skin Inside Of Nose

Recovery from an annoying cold or sinusitis can cause certain discomfort such as having a dry nose. After almost a week of blowing your nose, the facial skin inside and surrounding the nose can be greatly affected and can cause dreadful suffering. There is the feeling of dryness, flaking, and reddish color around the nose area and you can feel pain. Well, this kind of troubles that dry nose causes you can be easily treated. However, if you feel that going to your doctor can be a hassle, here are some effective ways in which you can deal with the occurrence of dry nose.

What are Causes of Dry Inside Nose?

Apart from cold and sinusitis, other causes why dry nose happens is due to some medicinal preparations such as antihistamine, nasal sprays, bronchodilators, atropine, and others. Taking over-the-counter drugs without proper prescription can also trigger dry nose. Sjoren’s syndrome and keratoconjunctivitis can also cause dry nose to come about as well as the hotness and dryness of the weather.

Home Remedies and Treatments for Dry Inside Nose

At the onset of your cold or flu, it is best that you take caution when blowing your nose too hard.

Try to be gentle with your facial skin because the surrounding tissues easily get irritated. It is also necessary to buy soft tissues and apply moisturizer around your nose every night.

Drinking more water every day can also help you get rid of your cold easily and can also help in hydrating your skin thereby preventing certain irritations.

Exfoliating the skin around your nose is also helpful in treating dry nose. Once you recover from a cold, you will feel that your nose is dry and flaky. Hence, it is the right time for exfoliation. Gently wash and scrub you face by using a wash-cloth or shower loofah for a few days until the dryness is gone.

The use of rich moisturizer following a few days of exfoliation is also effective in dealing with dry nose. Petroleum jelly, in particular, should be applied in severe cases of dry nose.

Redness can also be reduced by applying relieving creams to cover up the reddish skin. A tinted moisturizer can do the trick for you and can also be useful when you want to hide the redness outside.

In terms of treating the pain caused by dry nose, taking a few aspirin will help in reducing the inflammation and relieving the pain as well. After a few days of doing this, you will notice a change in the redness of your nose.