Dark Crotch: Remedies and Treatment for Dark, Black Skin in Groin Area

How to Naturally Treat Dark Crotch

A lot of people secretly suffer from dark crotch, which is why commercial whitening products for dark groin area are very marketable and in demand. You can readily get hold of these whitening products at your local pharmacies but they can contain harsh ingredients that may worsen your skin condition instead of getting your desired even complexion in your crotch area. Darkening of the groin is due to constant friction of underwear garment on the skin.

Home Remedies and Treatment for Dark Crotch

Some people do the extra mile just to get their inner groin a little lighter each day but for those who have already spent a lot on laser treatment technology or on other expensive whitening creams, it would be surprising to know that some of the most effective, safe, and costless remedies for dark groin area are found not in beauty clinics but right in the kitchen.

This home treatment for dark black skin in crotch includes:

  • Sour milk or buttermilk. These dairy products are high in lactic acid that is proven to lighten skin. Apply sour milk or buttermilk on your crotch for a lighter and better texture on the said area.
  • Milk and turmeric powder. Drink half a cup of milk with half a teaspoon of turmeric powder for two months to get your desired lighter skin.
  • Citrus fruits. Fruits rich in Vitamin C such as orange, lemon, and lime contain essential acids known for their bleaching agent. Apply the juice on your dark groin every morning or every after bath.
  • Almond powder. Apply the powder on your inner thigh every evening until the color of your groin is even with your outer thigh.
  • Soap with licorice. Licorice is an effective ingredient that helps lighten the skin naturally. Lavish the soap with licorice on your groin every time you bath.
  • Exfoliate as often as you can. A natural way of doing that is by using organic body scrub available in the cosmetic area of department stores.
  • Lose weight. Individuals who are overweight are more likely to have dark crotch. To solve this, shed off excess weight. This will not only make the skin of your inner thigh lighter, it will also give you tremendous health benefits including radiant skin.
  • Do yoga. Practicing pranayam yoga every day can make your inner thigh lighter and your skin glowing all over.