Cyst on Shaft: Causes, Remedies to Get Rid Of Sebaceous Cyst on Shaft

Cyst on shaft is mostly present from birth. It occurs as a freely movable nodule and remains unnoticeable until adolescence or adulthood. The patient remains asymptomatic, and generally, it does not get in the way with either urinary or sexual function. The only time that you need to get rid of sebaceous cyst on shaft is when there is complication caused by trauma or infection.

What Causes the Cyst on Shaft

Clinical studies have shown that a cyst on shaft arises from an embryological developmental defect of male urethra. But there is no direct relation between the cyst and the urethra since a cyst on shaft is lined by pseudostratified, stratified, or columnar squamous cell epithelium.

The only time that a patient would need medical attention is when there is a sudden increase in the cyst’s size without prior trauma or medication.

Get Rid of Cyst on Cyst

Some male patient would generally describe cyst on shaft to be visible during erection, otherwise, it remains inconspicuous. It is not painful nor does it cause any discomfort whatsoever. Unless it causes remarkable symptoms, doctors would usually describe a cyst on shaft as part of a normal genital anatomy. Surgically removing it would give no benefit, which is why doctors would advise patients to leave it as is.

Treatment and Home Remedies for Cyst on Shaft

  • Your doctor will be discussing with you how to get rid of cyst on shaft after thorough examination of your condition. If it becomes painful or if there is an infection, or simply becomes unsightly, treatment would be a surgical excision.
  • The procedure is simple and would only require local anesthetic. It involves removal of the cyst on shaft intact by creating a small lesion through the center of the swelling. A non-surgical treatment can also be done. A heating pad is placed directly on the cyst for fifteen minutes twice a day for ten days.


  1. HR said:

    I have epidermal cysts on my scrotum. I have unde4rgone 6 surgeries to remove 32 cysts. They have appeared again and are as big as peas. Please suggest me a quick and effective natural treatment for cyst on shaft so that I can get rid of them.

    July 20, 2010
  2. N T said:

    I have a cyst on the underside of my shaft, it’s about the size or a dime around and very visible without an erection, in fact it’s less visible with an erection… it’s not painful at all but it just popped up a week or two ago. Any idea of what can be the cause of cyst on shaft and how to treat it?

    January 21, 2011

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