Cleaning and Clearing Clogged Arteries | Signs of Clogged Arteries

Sings of Clogged Arteries

Almost everyone is highly prone to certain problems in the blood vessels. Among these troubles that can put your life in serious danger are blocked arteries. Blocked or clogged arteries can bring a person fatal risk factors especially if it remains untreated. Some of the causes for blocked arteries include smoking, obesity, high amounts of cholesterol in the body, hereditary disease such as diabetes, and others. Moreover, symptoms for blocked arteries can lead to chest pain, breathing difficulty, vomiting, and nausea among others.

Even though clogged arteries sometimes happen without warning, a person can definitely deal with this circumstance and of course, treat and prevent it.

How to Clean and Clear Clogged Arteries

While your last resort if all else fails in your combat with preventing blockage in the blood vessels is seeking medical help, there are always a number of things which you can do in preventing the occurrence of blocked arteries. The following helpful ways include:

  • Of course, at the top list of effective ways to avoid blocked arteries is a keeping a regular healthy diet and exercise. By maintaining a healthy diet means avoiding oily and junk foods. Doing rigorous exercise will also help in regulating your blood flow.
    Exercising your body would help in the smooth circulation of blood throughout the body. Both types of cardiovascular exercise will also help you focus more on the circulation of blood to your heart and out.
  • In terms of eating the right food, garlic has been proved to be a good and healthy food to eat every day. There are properties in garlic that has been known to improve circulation and eliminate toxins in the blood. Hence, it is advisable to at least consume two to three cloves of garlic a day to help avoid blocked arteries.
  • Drinking carrot juice can also be beneficial in improving the circulation of blood. The Vitamin A present in carrots is helpful antioxidants which can protect the body from heart-related diseases.
  • Some other natural options to remedy blocked arteries by mixing apple cider vinegar with garlic which has proved to maintain a healthy heart and blood circulation.
  • You can also try mixing a soaked lemon peel with honey or a mixture of lemon juice, apple, and honey as natural alternatives.
  • However, if these alternative ways to cure blocked arteries do not work, it is important to seek help from your physician.