Women’s Facial Hair Causes: Natural Treatment For Hair Removal

Hair growth is indeed one of the few things that some people desire especially because loss of hair is a big indication of aging. However, there are some areas in our body where the presence of hair spoils our overall looks.

Facial hair growth for example is one thing that some of us find unpleasant, especially for women facial hair is extremely annoying. No women will like to have facial hair; it reduces the very nature of them being female.

Nonetheless, getting rid of them is a very important action for women if they want to entertain any hope of restoring their feminine beauty.

Causes Of Female Facial Hair Growth

  • One main reason why facial hair is distinctively common in women is because of hormonal imbalance. The estrogen level of women is higher than in men. This is why women have more unwanted hair than men.
  • Medication also is one factor why some stray hair is present in women such as on their face.
  • In some cases, excess facial hair can be a result of certain physical and medical factors. For instance, ovarian diseases and obesity greatly increases the growth of hair especially on the face. Worst cases of unwanted women facial hair growth can be associated with adrenal tumors and other illnesses.
    Hence, it is necessary to consult with your physician regarding unwanted hair growth.

Treatment Options For Women’s Facial Hair

There are a number of ways in which you can manage the unwanted growth of hair in some areas of your face. Facial hair can be removed permanently or temporarily depending on method that a woman selects.

  • One way of controlling the growth of facial hair in women is regulating the hormones that catapult the development of unwanted hair in the face. There are medical treatments that would help in regulating the estrogen and progesterone levels of the body, which are the primary cause of hair growth.
  • Shaving and waxing will also do a great deal of help in temporarily relieving your face from hair growth.
  • Moreover, you can also choose to go on a laser treatment that can permanently reduce your facial hair growth.
  • Many dermatologists have also suggested electrolysis in permanently removing hair on the face. Electrolysis is seen to have long-term advantage for individuals who have undergone this treatment.

However, various treatments also depend relatively on the person. Hence, professional advice is important before jumping into certain treatment.

Natural Remedies For Facial Hair Removal

  • Apply natural bleach such as lime juice to eliminate the darkness of the hair. Although this will not totally prevent hair growth, it helps a person to disguise the presence of facial hair because the hair has become whiter, allowing it to blend with the skin’s color.
  • Another method of exfoliating facial hair is to create a paste by mixing a tablespoon of gram flour with a tablespoon of yogurt. The mixture can be applied on the face and left overnight. Once the mixture starts to dry on the face, it will start peeling off. Once it starts peeling off, rub off the mix off your face by using the palm of your hands. However, the process is not free of pain, and a person may have to bite the pain at first. Moreover, in order to be truly effective, one has to keep repeating the procedure several times in a week.