Catarrh Remedies: Catarrh Natural Home Remedy and Herbal Treatment

Natural Herbal Remedies for Catarrh

The continuous flow of thick mucus due to tissue inflammation in the nasal cavities or throat is called catarrh. The state you are having is not a medical condition but a symptom of a viral or bacterial infection, which results to cold, flu, sinusitis, ear infection, tonsillitis, and possible allergies. You can take suppressants to stop the incontrollable mucus flow but that is not the answer because the symptom will keep on recurring unless you treat the underlying conditions.

Catarrh Remedies

Although there are over-the-counter pills available to help stop the mucus discharge, a lot of people have started treating ordinary and common diseases with natural cures to avoid harmful ingredients, which could be present in synthetic pills.

A lot of herbal remedies for catarrh are available and you can try these proven effective home cures for catarrh:

  • Boil some water and transfer the boiled water to a basin. Inhale the vapor to soften the hardened mucus that blocks the nasal and air passages. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to soothe inflamed throat or sinuses.
  • Another effective treatment for catarrh is the use of black seed oil. Black seed has been used for a thousand years due to its potent healing components that can strengthen the immune system and fight off common infections such as cold and flu.
  • You can also stop catarrh by preparing a saline solution. Mix a glass of water with a teaspoon of salt. You can either spray the solution to your nose or place of few drops into your nose every hour until you feel better.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to naturally flush out the mucus thru urination. Drinking water will also soothe your dry and irritated throat because of the mucus discharge.
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C to boost your immune system. Citrus and tropical fruits are proven effective in providing much needed vitamin C in the body.
  • Suck on a hard candy, preferably those that are mentholated to moisturize your throat. Menthol has a potent component known for its soothing effects.
  • You can also gargle warm water mixed with a teaspoon of salt to kill the bacteria in your tonsils.
  • Get plenty of rest to allow the body to naturally fight off infections and diseases. Sleeping or getting some rest or living a stress-free lifestyle is proven effective in strengthening the immune system.