What Causes Loss of Temperature Sensation in Hand: How Do you Regain It

Sensation is something that you feel. It can be hot or cold, hard or soft, when you touch an object. Loss of temperature sensation in hands and feet is observed in variety of illnesses. In all conditions that lead to loss of sensation is related with damage to the nerves, especially sensory nerves. Loss of temperature in hands can be extremely disabling as this may cause injury to hands without your knowledge. Loss of temperature sensation can be temporary as in case of injury or it can be permanent as in case of diabetes, leprosy etc.

Treatment depends on the underlying condition. For example in case of peripheral neuropathy antidepressants and antiseizure medicines are effective.

Causes of Loss of Temperature Sensation in Hands

Impaired temperature sensation in hands can be caused due to many reasons. Most of the problems related with peripheral nerves, brain, spinal cord, can cause loss of hot or cold sensation. The main reason for such loss is because the nerve which carries, receives, transmits and processes any external stimuli gets affected. Loss of temperature sensation in hands is caused due to following causes:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Cervical spondylosis.
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Viral diseases such as Gullain-Barr syndrome.
  • Head injury
  • Herpes zoster in hands
  • After amputation of finger and hand
  • Injury to dorsal spinal cord.
  • Ulnar nerve palsy.
  • Leprosy

Symptoms of Loss of Temperature Sensation in Hands:

Impaired sensation in hands Person having loss of temperature in hands is often seen with minor burns in fingers and hand. This is because the hand becomes less sensitive to heat. And this may lead to burns if the person handles hot objects with his hands. Person’s hands are also sensitive to cold. There is constant feeling of numbness and tingling in hand. Sometimes there is associated weakness in hands. These patients are prone to frequent hand injury.

Treatment for Loss of Temperature Sensation in Hands

Loss of temperature sensation can be temporary or it can be permanent depending on the underlying cause. For example in case of leprosy the person looses sensation permanently. In certain circumstances such as carpal tunnel syndrome, if the condition is treated and the pressure on the nerve is relieved, the sensation returns almost back to normal. If the person is suffering from diabetic neuropathy, he must control his blood sugar level. This may increase the chance of sensation returning back to normal. All precautions need to be taken to prevent injury to the hand. A person exposed to too much of cold must wear woolen hand gloves. All necessary precautions must be taken when there is impaired sensation to heat. Patient must wear protective gloves; cover his hands with thick oven mitt when cooking. Avoid handling laundry bleach etc.