Planning to do Boxing or Gymnastics? Few Ways to Strengthen Your Wrist

Most of the strength training and fitness programs address and focus on strengthening certain areas of the body such as the abs, buttocks, biceps, triceps muscles etc. People focus on strengthening these areas to feel good and improve their physical personality. Many areas of body are often neglected although people experience discomfort in these parts too. One such example is regarding wrist joint. Strengthening wrist joint is as important as strengthening other body parts. Your wrist is exposed to constant stress and strain as it is the most active joint. Hence you need to perform certain exercise to strengthen your wrist for better functionality.

Here are few ways to strengthen your wrist:

Wrist Stretches:

  • Warm up your wrist muscles before you lift any weight. This unweighted exercise for wrist is easy to perform. You can do wrist flexion, wrist extension, and wrist circling even in your home whenever you get time. This exercise helps to relax the wrist area and it also prepares for weight training exercises for wrist.
  • Wrist extension exercise strengthens the muscles of forearm that actually provide force, movement to the wrist. Place your forearm on the table in alignment with your arm. Keep your palm facing upwards.
    Take some weight in the hand and slowly move it up and down with your hand. Do two sets of 10 repetitions daily for both wrists.
  • Radial training is another form of exercise where you have to take a dumbbell in your hand. Now without moving your forearm, lift the dumbbell towards ceiling and slowly lower it.
  • Wrist release is best exercise after performing your exercise routine. It helps to relax the muscles of wrist and thus reduces possibility of pain and injury after the workout.

The above exercises are in general used to strengthen your wrist joint. Everyone can do this exercise, but few exercises are particularly beneficial if you are boxer, yoga practitioner or a gymnast.

Wrist Exercising for Boxers:

For boxers wrist strength is extremely important. It must be flexible as much as possible and must have enough power for punching the opponent. Strong wrist will reduce the risk of injury and keep the fist stable. All these are gained by performing exercises that makes the wrist joint strong.

Flexion and extension of the wrist: This must be carried out before and after workouts. This exercise stretches tendon which are attached to the wrist joint. It helps to increase flexibility of the joint. Bend your wrist downwards and hold it for five minutes. Then bend it upwards.

Do pushups on your knuckles. It is an exercise that all boxers do to strengthen their wrist.

Wrist Exercise for Gymnasts:

Gymnasts are prone to wrist injury. They need quick and jerky movements hence there is increased risk of injury. Certain exercise will help to strengthen and reduce injury among gymnasts.

Resistance band wrist exercise is easiest exercise. Take a resistance band. Sit on a chair. Wrap the band around your palm. Now place your one foot on the other end of the band. Place your hand on your thigh. Now move your wrapped palm upwards towards your body. Release it and follow the procedure for 10 times. Do two sets of this exercise.

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