What Are The Side Effects Of Seroquel In Teenagers, Men And Women

Seroquel is an antipsychotic drug, mainly used for treating major depressive disorders and schizophrenia. It is a prescription drug. Seroquel is manufactured by Astrazeneca pharmaceutical company. Actually seroquel is a brand name given by the manufacturer for the generic drug called quetiapine. This drug is a second generation antipsychotic drug.

The mode of action of seroquel is not clearly known, but it is certainly understood that it inhibits or lessens certain brain chemicals which when elevated give rise to symptoms of schizophrenia or major depression. The medication does not cure the disease.

It only ameliorates the symptoms.

Common Side Effects Of Seroquel

Every medicine has some degree of side effects and seroquel too has side effects. But, every person may not be affected with the side effects. Some people may experience common side effects while few patients may experience uncommon side effects of seroquel. Some side effects may be severe and cause lot of harm while other side effects may not need much attention.

Let us begin with some common but less severe side effects:

  • Nausea: many people taking seroquel may complain of nausea in the beginning.
  • Diarrhea: diarrhea is another common side effect experienced by the patient during initial treatment.
  • Many people also complain of backache as one of its side effects.
  • Just opposite to diarrhea, many people complain of constipation.
  • There may be increase in appetite, which will result in weight gain.
  • The patient may feel sluggish after taking this medicine.
  • Sore throat is another side effect commonly seen in people taking seroquel.
  • Dryness of mouth.

 Serious And Rare Side Effects Of Seroquel

Some less common but severe side effects include:

  • Diabetes signs and symptoms: increased thirst, frequency of urine, increased hunger.
  • Weight gain rapidly.
  • Thoughts of suicide.
  • Fainting or giddiness while getting up from lying down or in opposite direction.
  • Abnormal muscle movement, also known as oculo-gyric crisis.
  • Losing control over urination.
  • Muscle tremor.
  • Skin changes may be observed. It may turn red, swollen. The skin may also peel off.
  • Change in blood pressure and irregular pulse.
  • Allergic manifestation such as skin itching, redness and breathing difficulty may be observed by few patients taking medicine for the first time.

Seroquel Rare Side Effects

Rare side effects observed in few patients include:

  • Anemia.
  • Fungus infection either on the skin surface or in severe cases it can occur internally.
  • Hemorrhoids: it is probably due to constipation becoming chronic problem.
  • Cough.
  • Agility.
  • Abnormal sound of ringing bells in the ear.
  • Hypo and hyper thyroidism.

Side Effects Of Seroquel In Teenagers

Seroquel side effects that are observed in teenagers inlude:

  • Some teenagers are known to become irritated easily after taking seroquel. Their tendency to become aggressive becomes more than it used to be before taking the drug.
  • Few teenagers may become more depressed after taking the medicine. In such cases the dose has to be adjusted or the drug has to be discontinued if the physician suggests.
  • Suicidal thought are aggravated in psychotic individuals who are taking this drug. There is also possible chance of people trying to really imply upon it.
  • Drowsiness in teenagers may be a common side effect in the beginning. Generally it goes away after few days of taking the drug.
  • Patient becomes restless and over exited.

Seroquel Side Effects In Men And Women

Side effects of Seroquel in men include:

  • Certain sexual side effects of seroquel are known to occur, but they are rare in most cases. Change in sex drive also known as loss of libido.
  • Impotence is another side effect observed in men. However both are rare, but if they occur, the problem should be consulted with the treating doctor.
  • Many times it is confusing whether the problem is due to the drug side effect or the illness itself. This is because sexual symptoms are common with the diseases that are treated by seroquel.
  • Low sperm count and chest enlargement is other side effect.

Side Effects Of Seroquel In Women

  • Since seroquel is excreted in human milk. A woman who is taking seroquel should not top feed. During pregnancy, seroquel should be taken only if the physician suggests its use.
  • Rapid heart rate, hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism is other side effects present in women.
  • Diabetes and weight gain is also observed in women who take this drug.
  • Missed period or irregular period, unwanted milk secretion and difficulty in pregnancy are few other side effects.