Impact Of Technology On Human Health: Bad Effects from Overuse of Technology

Today our lives have become increasingly dependent on technology. Most of our communication is done online. Internet and video games provide much of the entertainment. Majority of people find mobile phone as an essential part in their life for connecting with people and organizing daily routine. With such rapid change in lifestyle, question arises whether technology has benefited us or has caused detrimental effect on our health. To an extent technology improvement has given an edge in several spheres of our lives. For example now we can track our fitness level, track our diet regimen, avoid and prevent epidemics, reduce health care cost, develop new drugs etc.

Although technological advancement has brought about some improvement in our life and health care system, overuse has brought many challenges in various spheres of human health. Let us find how technology can impact our health.

Impact of Technology on our health:

There are several bad effects from overuse of technology.

  • Eyestrain: With introduction of mobile phones and computers in our daily work, we have to gaze at its screen for long period of time. While doing so many of us forget to blink. This has resulted dryness in eyes. The tears that protect the eyes evaporate if you do not blink.
    Dry eyes cause pain, redness and itching. It increases risk of eye infection. In addition the small fonts on screen of mobile and desktops can increase eyestrain while reading.
  • Headache and neck pain: People working overtime on computer often complain of back pain, headache and neck pain. Many of them stoop or sit in incorrect posture. This results in back muscle contraction and pain. Constant focusing on nearby object especially on devices with bright light can cause headache in some people.
  • Accidents: Many people use mobile phones while driving. It is one of the major causes of motor accidents in recent times.
  • Sleep disorder: We are so much addicted to mobile phones that many of us even sleep keeping this device besides them. According to one study, it was found that at least 50 percent of people having mobile phones keep this instrument next to their bed while sleeping. Although it seems harmless, it can lead to unnecessary exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Artificial light while surfing on computer before sleeping or using mobile phone can interfere your sleep. It can suppress melatonin, a hormone which promotes sleep. Exposure to such light can make you more alert while it is a relaxing time to sleep. To avoid sleep disturbance, avoid using digital instruments at least one to two hours before sleeping. Instead, promote other habits such as reading, bathing in hot water, etc before sleeping.
  • Physical inactivity: Technological gadgets have made life easier. However, it has reduced physical activity. People have become more lethargic and couch potato. This has lead in increased number of people suffering from obesity. The longer you sit in front of computer or television; there is more likelihood of suffering from heart trouble. Try to take short break between your work. Stroll around for five minutes at your workplace. Exercise daily for one hour if your job is related with desk work. Walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, weight lifting are few effective exercises for keeping your heart healthy.