5 Causes of Dents In Thighs: Tips to Get Rid Of Dents In Thighs

Looking at a dent in your thigh may make you feel anxious and worried. You may think it might be connected with some serious health problem. A dent or a dimple in thigh can occur in any plain, vertical or horizontal. Dent in thigh and buttock muscles is harmless, but many women may not like it to be noticed especially when they wear bikinis and shorts. This shallow groove that appears in thigh is mainly the result of loss of subcutaneous fat from the local area. This commonly occurs when the part of thigh is subjected to pressure.

Dent in thigh needs no treatment as such as it spontaneously resolves. Plastic surgery, fat grafting are few treatment modes for people who are too concerned about its cosmetic appearance.

Causes of Dent in Thigh:

  1. Anatomically thigh is made up of muscles, tissues, bone, fat and skin. A dent in thigh muscle or a dimple on thigh can be observed in many people. This may look scary at first site, but it is harmless. One thing is clear; there is no loss of thigh muscle when you see a dent in thigh. The reason for this is it occurs due to loss of subcutaneous fat.
    It is a thin layer of fat that lies just below the skin. Following are important causes for dent in thigh muscle:
  2. Trauma: If your thigh is hit by some hard object, the fatty tissue underlying the skin may shrink causing a dent in that place. In most cases the dent will return to normal but this may also depend from one person to another. In some people the dimple may stay permanently.
  3. Pressure: Constant pressure on particular part of thigh, mainly the lateral area of thigh can cause a shallow depression. This is more common in people who have to lean against a hard surface such as an edge of table, e.g. salesman leaning against the edge of table. This may also occur if you keep heavy weight object on your thigh. It causes a clear dent that is quiet visible.
  4. Anatomical: Some people may have a dent in their thigh muscle since birth. This can be an anatomical variation of the thigh that may cause a dent. Such dents can occur either vertically or horizontally. Usually during childhood this may not be noticeable, but can become prominent in adulthood.
  5. Less amount of fat in body: Often less amount of fat in body can cause a shallow depression in areas that are prone to have excess of subcutaneous fat such as the outside of thigh, buttocks, etc. Low amount of fat can occur in people who keep their body well toned with exercise.

How to Get Rid of Dents in Thigh:

After knowing the reasons for dent in thigh muscle, you may feel more relaxed. Thigh indentation is the result of extra pressure on a particular part of thigh. Usually the dimple resolves on its own after a period of time without any treatment. But sometimes this may stay permanently. If you are worried and want some remedial measures, here are few tricks.

  • If you are lean and thin, try to gain some weight. A healthy weight gain will proportionately distribute fat in various parts of body including the thigh.
  • Avoid leaning over hard surface for long period. Also avoid keeping heavy object on your thigh.
  • If you are too much worried about the appearance of dent in your thigh muscles due to cosmetic reasons, then plastic surgery can do the trick to fix the dent. The procedure adopted is called fat grafting. However, this is expensive procedure.