Dark Yellow Urine Symptoms And Remedies: What Makes Urine Dark Yellow

Urine comprises of nitrogenous liquid waste products that are filtered from the blood by the kidneys. Under normal conditions, the urine doesn’t have any color and is transparent. However, there are certain conditions that are associated with dark and yellow color of urine.

One of the most common causes associated with dark yellow color of the urine is dehydration. Often when an individual doesn’t consume adequate quantity of water, the urine is concentrated with liquid waste giving it the typical appearance. Some foods and medications are also associated with dark yellow color of the urine.

It is vital to identify the underlying cause in order to manage the condition effectively.

What Makes Urine Dark Yellow?

Urine comprises primarily of water, metabolites and wastes that are filtered by the kidneys. Under normal conditions in healthy individuals, the urine is usually colorless. However, certain factors are responsible for the dark yellow color of the urine,

  • Dehydration or inadequate consumption of water can result in dark yellow urine. Due to lack of water in the body, the urine is often concentrated with metabolites and other waste which is responsible for the typical color.
  • Dark yellow urine is also common in hot weathers, especially when a person is more prone to perspiration. Since a large volume of fluid is lost in perspiration, there is very little water available to dilute the urine, which in turn results in dark yellow urine.
  • Certain vitamin supplements, especially vitamin B complex supplements are associated with dark yellow discoloration of the urine. Certain medications, particularly those used as a part of chemotherapy are responsible for dark yellow discoloration of the urine. This is primarily attributed to the elimination of the excess of the medication or supplements in the urine.
  • Jaundice is another cause for yellow discoloration of the urine. The dark yellow urine in this case is due to the excretion of the bile salts from the blood.
  • Often urinary tract infections may also be associated with dark yellow urine.
  • Certain foods like Asparagus are responsible for discoloration of the urine.

Dark Yellow Urine Symptoms

The symptoms associated with dark yellow discoloration of the urine depending upon the cause of the condition. Some of the common symptoms include,

  • Burning sensation during micturation which is indicative of a urinary tract infection.
  • The other symptoms associated in case of jaundice include yellow pigmentation of skin and sclera along with nausea and vomiting.
  • Dehydration is often associated with burning and itching of the eyes along with generalized weakness and fatigue.

Home Remedies For Dark Yellow Urine

The treatment depends upon the underlying cause of the condition. Here are some tips to manage the condition,

  • Speak to your healthcare provider. It is possible that dark yellow color of your urine may be because of some medication or supplement that you regularly consume. If it bothers you, request for an alternative.
  • Drink adequate quantity of water. Under normal conditions, three liters of water is adequate, however if you live in a hot and humid environment consume more water and limit your alcohol intake.
  • In addition to fluid intake add various fresh and juicy fruits like oranges, apples, mangoes, etc. in your diet. These foods not only provide additional fluids but also contain vitamins and nutrients that enhance immunity and help fight infections.
  • In case jaundice is diagnosed, limit the intake of fatty and oily foods. Ayurvedic and herbal supplements have been found to be effective in improving liver health and are useful in the management of this condition.