What Are the Causes of Grover’s Disease? Natural Remedies to Apply

Grover’s disease is a rare skin disorder which usually affects people above the age of 40. However, this skin condition can also occur in younger individuals. Men are more susceptible to Grover’s disease than women. The characteristic symptom of this disease is appearance of red tiny bumps on the middle of chest and on the back.

People who are unwell and lie continuously in bed are predisposed to Grover’s disease. However the disease may also occur in healthy individual. The appearance of skin rash is due to exposure to heat or associated with heat stress.

It is more common in winter season than in summer. Though it is not dangerous and life threatening disease, the eruption of tiny red papules on back and in front of chest can be irritating due to itching. In some cases itching sensation may be absent. Dermatitis is one of its common complications if not treated on time.

Grover’s Disease Causes

The exact cause of Grover’s disease still remains obscure. But it is believed that there is some relation between sweat and its appearance. More often the disease has been observed after excessive sweating.

It may appear suddenly after heat stress. People who are sick and lie continuously in bed may have red bumps on their back and chest for this reason. But at the same time, the disease is also observed in people with dry skin. Few people suffering from Grover’s disease may also present with history too much exposure to sun as one of the reason. Grover’s disease has affinity to exacerbate in winter months, or when there is extreme heat condition. Both the extremes of temperature are not good for people predisposed to Grover’s disease.
Grover’s disease generally affects older people, especially white males.

Since the disease does not have a definite cause, the diagnosis of Grover’s disease is very difficult. If you suspect Grover’s disease from the symptoms which has characteristic red rash on back and chest with or without itching, you should talk to your doctor. From its clinical appearance and history, he may be able to diagnose Grover’s disease. For further confirmation, he may do small skin biopsy to see the abnormal skin cells that are relevant with Grover’s disease. In most cases Grover’s disease lasts for 6 months or one year, after which there may be a period of relapse. The disease may reappear after a period of time with climatic variations.

Treatment Options

Grover’s disease is not a serious skin disease, the symptoms can be controlled but the disease remains incurable. It comes and goes. It requires to be treated because the disease persists for a long period. If it remains unattended there may be complications like dermatitis and infections. The main focus of treatment is to reduce itching and irritation which may cause bleeding from the tiny bumps. Doctors usually prescribe corticosteroid creams if the condition is mild. If the rash and itching are severe, the dermatologist may use corticosteroid injections, oral antihistamines and antifungal remedies.

Natural Treatment at Home

Few natural remedies and precautions are also effective in treating excessive itching and irritation of Grover’s disease:

  • Stay in cool place if you are predisposed to Grover’s disease.
  • Wear loose fitting cotton clothes for better air movement and to prevent excessive perspiration.
  • Apply coconut oil if the skin is dry. It will help to alleviate itching sensation due to its moisturizing properties.
  • Avoid too much of physical work which may cause sweating.
  • If you sweat extremely, take immediate cool shower. This will help to wash the sweat from the skin and prevent blockage of sweat ducts.