Veins Popping Out of Hands and Feet Causes and Treatment

  • Veins that pop out in both hands and feet are cutaneous or superficial veins or those veins that are positioned near the skin.
  • Veins that pop out on the feet are often called varicose veins. Besides popping out, the condition of having varicose veins in the feet is accompanied by other symptoms like aching, sores, bulging, discoloration of the skin, and peeling of the skin.

Treatment For Veins Popping Out Of Hands And Feet

  • There are different treatment options for those patients that want to get rid of veins that pop out from hands and feet and its accompanying symptoms.
    Some of these include taking in over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs which can help with the swelling and the pain symptoms, eating healthy foods, and use of elastic bandages. There are also procedures that can help remove veins that pop out and these are laser treatment, sclerotherapy and stripping or surgical removal. Alternative procedures can also be used including acupuncture, acupressure, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, reflexology, exercise, using schuessler tissue salts and herb treatment.

Why are the Veins in My Hand Popping Out

There are plenty of reasons that cause veins to pop out in the hands.

These reasons include the following:

  • Genetics: The genes play a vital role in pinpointing if a patient will have veins that become clearly visible on the surface of the skin of the hands. There are some patients that have hands with veins that pop out because their parent or other relatives have the same condition.
  • Low Percentage of Body Fat: Patients that have low percentage of body fat usually have less subcutaneous fat making the cutaneous veins appear nearer to the surface of the skin.
  • High Muscle Mass: Patients who often do strength exercises to build muscle mass usually have veins in their hands that pop out. This is initially caused by the rise in blood pressure in the arteries that forces plasma fluid that is located in small tributaries out into the narrow vessel walls and through the surrounding compartment of the hand’s muscles.  The process then lead to the hardening and swelling of the muscles which in turn forces cutaneous veins towards the surface of the skin to pop out.
  • Weakening of the veins which often is caused by overstretching also plays a major role in making the hands have veins that pop out. Weakening of the veins can be caused by several factors which can include underlying illnesses of the heart and other organs in the body that allows chronic increase in blood pressure.