Treatment For Night Sweating In Men Over 40: Causes Of Night Sweats

Sweating is normal physiological process of the body to diminish excess body heat. It is common for a person to experience excessive night sweats during hot summer season. However, when a person experiences profuse night sweats with no relation to summer or any atmospheric change, and if he is a man over 40, there are host of conditions that can attribute to such a situation.

The reason can be as simple as eating certain spicy food during dinner or it can be a serious systemic disease. Having said this, you may like to know what causes night sweats in men over 40.

What Causes Night Sweats In Men Over 40?

Here are few conditions that cause night sweats in men over 40:

  • Andropause: men over 40 undergo hormonal changes just like women undergoing hormonal changes during menopause. The male hormone testosterone starts decreasing in males after 40, the condition is called andropause. Profuse sweating accompanied by hot flushes is common during this stage.
  • Stress: with many responsibilities on his shoulder, stress anxiety and depression are at its peak in his forties.
    Work pressure, social responsibilities, personal problems can be a reason to perspire profusely at night.
  • Disease conditions: tuberculosis, cancer, AIDS, viral and other bacterial diseases can have night sweats as one of the symptoms. However it can be above the age of forty or under the age of forty. Women suffering from these diseases can also have night sweat as a symptom.
  • Hypoglycemia: men who are diabetics and are taking medicines to reduce blood sugar level can experience profuse night sweat as one of the side effects of medicines.
  • Alcoholism: excessive intake of alcohol. Night sweat in men over 40 can be a withdrawal symptom along with other symptoms such as nightmares, hallucinations etc.
  • Heart problem: night sweats in men over 40 when occurs with other symptoms such as chest pain and breathlessness can be due to coronary heart disease.
  • Eating spicy food at night.

Treatment For Excessive Night Sweating

If a man experiences night sweats especially when he is over 40, he should not ignore it and consult his physician as soon as possible. The reason can be due to hormonal change, a disease condition or change of atmosphere.

However few of these herbal home remedies can be beneficial to reduce symptom of night sweat in men till a correct cause is found. Consult your doctor before taking any of these home remedies and make sure you are not masking the underlying disease.

  • Sage: it is an effective home remedy for night sweating in men. Sage calms the nerves and thus it is useful in anxiety and stress. Sage can be consumed as a tea or in a capsule form.
  • Astragalus: the herb is known to improve peripheral blood circulation thus helping to dissipate body heat without perspiration.
  • Milk: milk contains calcium, and magnesium. They both have calming effects on the nerves. Consuming milk half hour before sleep can make you sleep comfortably.
  • Sleep in a well ventilated room in summer. Wear lose and cotton clothes while sleeping.
  • Your doctor may prescribe testosterone gels when the underlying cause is andropause.
  • Avoid spicy food during dinner.
  • When you are taking anti diabetic medicines, discuss for correct dose with your physician.