Natural Progesterone Cream Uses, Side Effects and Health Benefits

Natural progesterone creams can be used as moisturizers and can be applied at almost all part of the body. Generally, the use of natural progesterone cream is good, especially if applied on the skin correctly. However, it is still important that there may be some negative side effects.

Uses of Natural Progesterone Cream

Here are some uses of natural progesterone creams:

  • Natural progesterone creams are the easiest way to restore progesterone levels in women naturally.
  • Natural progesterone creams can be applied intravaginally and prevent vaginal dryness and vulval atrophy in elder women.
  • Natural progesterone creams, which are taken from yam extracts, are safer to use than synthetic progestins.
    Synthetic can cause birth defects, abortion, epilepsy, migraine, asthma, and many more.
  • Natural progesterone can help normalize estrogen level. Abnormally high estrogen level can cause endometriosis or fibrocystic breast.

Dangerous Effects of Natural Progesterone Creams

Here are some side effects of natural progesterone creams:

  • Menopausal women who just used natural progesterone cream may experience breakthrough bleeding. Breakthrough bleeding will stop after continuous use of natural progesterone creams.
  • Progesterone is fat soluble, so application of natural progesterone creams will cause progesterone to be stored in the woman’s adipose tissues. However, there is no reason to be worried, as only a small amount of fats will be stored on the adipose tissues.
  • Continuous use of natural progesterone cream can cause accumulation which can disrupt the production of cortisol, testosterone, etc.
  • Women may also experience temporary increased in body weight, especially on the hips and belly.

Health Benefits of Natural Progesterone Creams

  • Women who use natural progesterone creams are relieved from symptoms of hot flashes during their menopausal stage.
  • Using natural progesterone cream can increase bone density which helps prevent osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is not only prevented with the use of natural progesterone cream, but it can also be reversible.
  • Unbalanced estrogen can trigger breast and endometrial cancer. Applying natural progesterone creams can balance estrogen levels, and help prevent these cancers.
  • Women who use natural progesterone creams have improved skin. Progesterone help eliminate rosacea, acne, psoriasis, keratoses, seborrhea, and acne.
  • Studies also show that progesterone can help elderly women sleep better.
  • Progesterone can help avoid menstrual cramps, as well as irregular menstrual cycle.
  • Natural progesterone creams can help normalize blood sugar levels, especially for those who are diabetic.