Liver Lesions Causes And Symptoms: Lesions On Liver Treatment

The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body. Thus, it is important to keep the liver healthy because it is just 1 organ and a malfunction or ailment can have serious consequences. A body can only survive a few hours or days, at most, if the liver completely malfunctions.
Lesions are among the most common problems that the liver encounters. A liver lesion is a broad term used to identify various abnormalities in the structure of the liver. That means that “lesion” does not just mean an actual lesion but also tumors, infections, injuries, and others.

Causes And Symptoms Of Liver Lesions

Lesions On Liver Causes

There are a number of reasons that could cause lesions. The following are the possible causes of these lesions:

  • Liver cysts, including simple or polycystic liver disease.
  • Hemangiomas.
  • Sarcoidosis.
  • Liver cirrhosis.
  • Fatty liver.
  • Choledochal cysts which usually affects children.
  • Focal nodular hyperplasias.
  • Adenoma.

Symptoms Of Liver Lesions

The person could experience the following symptoms when there are lesions in the liver:

  • Nausea.
  • Pain.
  • Jaundice characterized by yellowing of the whites in the eyes and the skin.
  • Bleeding.
  • A feeling of fullness that does not go away with anti-gas medications.

Lesions On Liver Treatment

It is important that the lesions are identified as soon as possible.

Remember that if the liver completely malfunctions, there is little chance of survival. The following are some of the possible treatments for lesions of the liver:

  • Surgical removal of the tumors.
  • Marsupialization to drain the contents of the cyst may also be done on simple liquid cysts.
  • Medications may also be given.
  • For cancerous lesions, it might be necessary for the patient to undergo chemotherapy.
  • Home remedies may also be used to alleviate the pain or to help heal the lesions quickly. Such remedies include milk thistle.