High Creatinine Levels In Blood Cause: Treatment For High Creatinine

Creatinine refers to a waste product that is generated as a result of muscle metabolism. Creatinine is produced form the breakdown of creatine, a molecule which acts an important source of energy for the muscles. On an average 2% of creatine in the body is broken down and converted to creatinine each day and then excreted through the urine.

Ideally creatinine levels remain unchanged throughout the day as the muscle mass in the body remains consistent. It is the responsibility of the kidneys to maintain a normal range of blood creatinine levels.

Elevated levels or creatinine in the blood are indicative of kidney malfunction or kidney failure.

Cause Of High Creatinine Levels In Blood

The kidneys are primarily responsible for regulating the levels of creatinine in the blood and any factor that tends to interfere with normal functioning of the kidney can result in elevated levels of creatine in the blood. These factors include,

  • Kidney dysfunction caused due to azotemia or kidney failure is one of the primary cause of high creatinine levels
  • Kidney stones and recurrent urinary tract infections may also be responsible for elevated levels of creatinine
  • Hypertension and diabetes mellitus may also result in impaired kidney functions which in turn may result in elevated levels of serum creatinine
  • Certain drugs and medications are also responsible for transit rise in the creatinine levels
  • Consumption of large amount of dietary meat may also result in elevated levels of creatinine which is often transient
  • Malnutrition may result in excessive breakdown of proteins in the body, which in turn would result in elevated levels of creatinine levels

Symptoms Of High Levels Of Creatinine

Elevated levels of creatinine can often represent an incidental finding associated with a routine blood work.

In most causes the patient with elevated levels of creatinine are non-symptomatic. Some of however the symptoms associated with elevated creatinine levels includes,

  • Constant feeling of dehydration or increased thirst
  • Fatigue and generalized weakness
  • Shortness of breath with lethargy
  • Confusion and poor concentration

Natural Treatment For High Creatinine Levels

Here are some simple home based treatments for management of elevated levels of creatinine,

  • Increase the intake of fluids and drinks. Fluids help flush out the creatinine from the kidney and also maintain kidney functions.
  • Regular exercises of yoga can help reduce blood pressure and also help in burn down of calories
  • Lettuce, cauliflower, carrots, turnips, cucumber and radish are beneficial for the kidney and helpful in management of kidney disorders
  • Cranberry juice is also beneficial in management of Urinary Tract Infections
  • Avoid the intake of alcohol, red meat, refined flour and sugars as these tend to interfere with kidney functions
  • Ginseng, cinnamon and dandelion roots are beneficial in lowering creatine levels in the blood
  • Aloe Vera Juice is beneficial in controlling blood sugar and blood pressure and also enhances kidney functions