Foaming Urine Causes And Symptoms: What Does Foaming Urine Indicate

Urine is one way of the body to excrete waste products from the body. Urine comes from the filtering processes of the kidney. After passing through the kidney, urine is not supposed to pass any particles that normally would not pass the filters of the kidneys. The presentation of foamy urine indicates that something other than waste materials are being excreted from the body.

What Does Foaming Urine Indicate?

  • Urine that is foamy in appearance is considered abnormal and the primary cause of foamy urine appearance is the presence of proteins in the urine, particularly albumin which causes the urine to foam in water.
  • When a person urinates in the toilet bowl, the albumin in the urine interacts with the water in the bowl to form foamy urine.
  • Protein is not a normal component of urine and the passage of protein in the urine is indicative of a more serious underlying condition. The particles such as protein should not be present in the urine in the first place.
  • Protein cannot normally pass through the urine because it is too big a particle to pass through the kidney’s filtration process.
  • The fact that protein has passed through the kidney’s filtration system indicates that there is something wrong with the person’s urinary system.

Causes And Symptoms Of Foaming Urine

Foaming Urine Causes

There are many possible reasons for foamy urine; this can either be normal or indicative of a serious disorder.

  • Rapid urination – when urine is allowed to collect in the bladder in large amounts and then released through urination, the rapid outflow of urine sometimes causes the appearance of foaming.
  • Proteinuria – refers to the presence of protein in the urine especially albumin. Albumin causes urine to foam in water thus the appearance of foamy urine. Proteinuria can be a symptom of different diseases including eclampsia in pregnancy or kidney diseases.
  • Urinary tract infection – microorganisms present in the urine such as what happens in a UTI will also cause urine to foam.
  • Vesicocolic Fistula –a rare disorder wherein there is an abnormal connection between the urinary tract and the colon which develops edema at the base of urinary bladder base. This causes urine to appear foamy.
  • Mild dehydration – mildly dehydrated individuals also produce foamy urine.

Foaming Urine Symptoms

Foamy urine is itself a symptom. Other symptoms include:

  • Presence of protein or albumin in the urine as performed in a lab exam.
  • Symptoms associated with kidney disease such as flank pain.
  • Symptoms of urinary tract infections such as pain during urination.

Other symptoms of foamy urine will depend greatly on the exact cause.