Eidetic Memory Symptoms: How To Test If You Have An Eidetic Memory

Eidetic memory refers to a special kind of ability which involves recalling sounds, images and objects in memory with extreme precision and in adequate volumes. Eidetic memory is typified based on the ability of an individual to study an image for approximately 30 seconds and maintain a perfect photographic memory of the same image for a certain amount of time once it is removed.

There are several factors which determines the ability of an individual to recall an image which include the duration of exposure, the level of conscious observation and the frequency of the exposure to the stimuli.

Symptoms Of Eidetic Memory

A typical feature of eidetic memory is the ability of an individual to recall an image, observation, event or a sound with high degree of accuracy. There are several factors that determine the ability of an individual to recall, which include the duration of the stimuli exposure, the frequency of exposure and the level of consciousness and the relevance of the event to the person concerned. It is a general misinterpretation that a person with eidetic memory can recall all events with comprehensive degree of accuracy.

There is a subtle difference with people with good memory and people with eidetic memory.

There is a considerable difference in the way the information is processed in both the cases. Among individuals with good memory, the information is generally categories into various ideas for several elements, with the intention of retaining the information. This would mean that an individual with good memory will be able to recall key components (as typified into ideas) but not the entire event.

On the other hand, individuals with eidetic memory are able to remember the event with a high degree of photographic accuracy. This implies that they can retain information with a greater details and accuracy.

These details would include the posture in which the person was standing or the cloths he was wearing, etc.

How To Tell If You Have An Eidetic Memory?

There are certain categories of individuals who have eidetic memory.

  • Certain children suffering from autism or other disorders associated with autism like Asperser Syndrome or Autistic savants typically tend to have unique features of eidetic memory.
  • Some people may have sporadic episodes of eidetic memory, during which they might be able to define or describe certain events with high degree of accuracy. These sporadic events are not triggered consciously but are in most cases sporadic in nature.
  • Synesthesia is a condition which is associated with enhanced auditory memory and is able to recollect auditory stimulus with great degree of accuracy.

How To Get Eidetic Memory?

It is always difficult to tone your brain to do something that it is not used to doing. Having eidetic memory is often like a ‘gift’ which might be present in an individual without any apparent reason.

Though there is no way in enhancing eidetic memory, meditation and yoga are known to help increase concentration which in turn can contribute towards enhancing memory as it helps the mind to de-clutter and focus on important aspects of life.