6 Bad Effects of Earphone on Our Health: How To Take Care of Ears

Advancement in technology has made life easier but at the same time, it has made us more habituated towards comfort and luxury. Most people know and appreciate the use of different gadgets in our daily life, but little do they know bad effects of certain gadgets on our health. Earphones and headphone are such gadgets that are being used by today’s youth without realizing its bad effect on health. Earphone is a small device that can be fitted directly in the outer ear. It is used for listening music or as a device for communication when attached to the smartphone.

Today you will find many people using earphones, while walking, in train, bus, while working out at gym, watching movies on smartphone or PC, or playing PC games etc. Researchers have found several health issues and side effects of using earphone. Let us know its downside.

Bad effects of earphone on our health:

  1. Hearing loss:  Many young people are experiencing impairment in their hearing at an alarming rate due to too much exposure to noise from portable devices like earphones. From using earphone, the audio sound directly enters into the ears. The amount of deafness a person suffers is related to the volume which is measured in decibels (db) and the time duration a person gets exposed to it.
    Volume of the sound exceeding 100 even for few minutes can increase the risk of hearing loss. With higher volume, the damage is more pronounced.
  2. Infection in ears: Often, people exchange or use each other’s earphones. Sharing this device increases risk of ear infection. The germs from another person’s ear can transmit to your ear through shared earphones.
  3. Ear numbness: Researchers have found that listening to loud music from your earphone can numb your ear which eventually can cause numbness in your ears. The numbness can be temporary, but if this occurs frequently, it may lead to hearing loss.
  4. Ear pain: Earphones are devices that are plugged in the outer ear. When kept for long period of time to hear music, it can produce pain in ears.
  5. Effects on brain: According to some people electromagnetic waves emitted from earphones can cause damage to brain cells. However, there is no clear scientific evidence to suggest this. But many people on the whole are found to have several brain related issues when they constantly use earphones, Bluetooth and headphones. For example, infection in the inner ear due to use of earphones can contribute problems in the brain. The inner ear is directly connected with brain hence infection in inner ear can have direct link with brain.
  6. Accidents: Use of earphones while driving, walking on busy road has increased accidents in recent times. Road accidents, car accidents and even train accidents have increased. The obvious reason is when you have earphones in the ear; you may not be able to hear surrounding sound including the vehicular honks. This can lead to unfortunate accidents.

Ways to save ears from several problems related with earphones:

After the knowledge of the above health hazards from earphones, you may find ways to save your ears. It is not impossible, follow these steps so that you can listen to the audio with earphones and at the same time prevent side effects.

  1. Avoid sharing your earphones with anyone.
  2. Avoid using tiny earphones. Instead use headphones. Headphones do not go directly into the ear canal. It stays outside the ear unlike the earphones.
  3. Do not use earphones and headphones with sponge cover. Be sure to change the sponge cover after few months or at least sanitize them.
  4. Do not use earphones while driving, or walking on a road, or in train.
  5. Avoid using earphones for long time.
  6. Do not keep loud music on your earphones.