Blood Taste in Mouth Symptoms: Causes of Bloody Tasting in Mouth

  • Some people can experience tasting blood in their mouths at some point in their lives. The taste is almost metallic as the hemoglobin component of the blood has one atom of iron.
  • This is a condition that is quite commonly experienced after the tongue is bitten accidentally.
  • After a sinus surgery or other surgeries near the mouth and nose, bloody taste is in the mouth which is the result of the anesthesia of the operation.
    It will disappear after some time.
  • As remedy, take citrus beverages and food flavored with vinegar. This results in increasing the saliva secretion that eliminates the taste of blood in the tongue.
  • However, some people complain of tasting blood in the mouth every day. Consequently, they can no longer feel the taste of food they are actually eating. This condition continues for long periods until they lose their appetite.
    This will have an adverse effect on their health.

Bloody Tasting in Mouth Symptoms

  • The symptoms of blood taste in the mouth could be signs of some underlying health problems which must be addressed immediately.
  • The symptoms of this problem are simple to recognize. These are:
    • Having a metallic taste in the mouth
    • Tasting blood when swallowing or even when doing nothing
    • Having an acrid taste and smell in the mouth

Blood Taste in Mouth Causes

There are many reasons why patients experience tasting blood in their mouths. Some of these are:

  • Nasal congestion affecting both the nose and mouth brings in strange smell and taste. Bacteria growing in the mouth irritate the gums which cause it to swell and start bleeding.
  • Bleeding, instigated by an infected tooth, causes the blood taste.
  • Some medicines and vitamin supplements give a blood taste after-effect; however, it likely disappears when dosage is completed.
  • After a sinus surgery or other types of surgery, the patient tastes blood as a result of the anesthetic. Asthmatic patients breathe through their mouths causing dryness due to dehydration. Dryness of the mouth causes blood taste.
  • Blood taste can be the signal that the patient is coming up with a cold or flu. It can also show an oncoming sinus infection.
  • The growth of bacteria in the mouth causes inflammation of the gums which eventually bleed.
  • Blood taste is also a symptom of gingivitis or bleeding gums.
  • Asthmatic patients tend to breathe through the mouth causing it to become dry. Dry mouth gives off blood taste. Therefore, this blood taste can also be a symptom of asthma.
  • Blood taste is also a problem often experienced by patients suffering from kidney stone, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases.