Bad Circulation In Feet Remedies: Symptoms Of Poor Circulation In Legs

There are several factors that are responsible for bad circulation in the feet. The condition is very common in patients suffering from diabetes and atherosclerosis. All factors responsible for thickening of the arteries are responsible for bad circulation in the feet.

Symptoms Of Poor Circulation In Feet And Legs

The symptoms associated with bad circulation in the feet may depend upon the specific artery that is involved and the severity of the condition. However some of the common symptoms associated with poor circulation in feet include,

  • Dull cramp-like pain in the muscles of the calf, often coming on after walking a certain distance.
  • Tingling and numbness in the feet and the toes.
  • Reduced circulation may result in discoloration of the skin to pale or bluish complexion.
  • Increased frequency of skin infections and sores on the feet, with delayed healing, primarily due to poor circulation.
  • The feet may appear cooler than the rest of the body.

Bad Circulation In Feet Remedies

Often, bad circulation in the feet is attributed to progressive degeneration of blockage of the peripheral arteries which supply to the feet. In addition to diabetes, the other risk factors include smoking, elevated blood pressure, elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood and lack of physical activity.

Poor circulation in the feet can be treated effectively, provided some of the underlying factors are controlled.

  • Controlling blood glucose levels plays a crucial role in improving circulation to the feet. Anti-glycemic drugs or insulin may help in controlling blood glucose levels. Alternatively a dietary control coupled with regular exercise schedule would prove very beneficial.
  • Avoid smoking or consumption of alcohol. These factors tend to increase cholesterol levels in the blood which in turn tends to reduce blood circulation to the feet.
  • Consuming anti platelet drugs or anti coagulants can prove very beneficial. Certain foods like onions, garlic, etc also act as blood thinners, which can improve blood circulation to the feet.

Treatment For Bad Circulation In Feet

Patients with bad circulation in the feet need to visit a vascular surgeon, to get self evaluated and review the options of surgical intervention.

  • Angioplasty is considered effective in managing poor circulation of blood in the feet. Angioplasty enlarges the narrowed down peripheral arteries by inserting a stent.
  • Alternatively some vascular surgeons may recommend the use of a graft or vein from another part of the body, to create a bypass for the flow of blood through the blocked artery.
  • Foot care plays a crucial role in the management of poor blood circulation in feet. Use footwear that are well fitted and don’t result in undue pressure on the feet. Also cut nails regularly to prevent trauma or injury and also treat any form of skin lesion or ulceration promptly.