Sinus Pressure And Dizziness: How To Relieve Dizziness From Sinusitis

Inflammation or congestion of the sinuses located in the skull can result in sinus pressure. Though dizziness is not a common symptom associated with sinus pressure, some patients may present with dizziness following sinus pressure.

Dizziness From Sinusitis

Dizziness in sinusitis may occur as a result of congestion spreading on to the middle ear, which may result in imbalance (loss of equilibrium or vertigo is common only when the inner ear is affected).

How To Relieve Sinus Pressure And Dizziness?

Here are some simple tips to get relived of sinus pressure and dizziness,

  • Use of anti-inflammatory drugs can help reduce swelling or inflammation of the sinus.
  • Saline nasal spray can help reduce nasal congestion. These nasal sprays are available over the counter without prescription and can provide instant relief
  • Rest and consuming plenty of fluids is highly beneficial in reducing congestion and warding off the symptoms of dizziness.
  • Homeopathic drugs have been found to be highly effective in management of pressure in sinuses and dizziness. When the onset of sinus pressure is sudden with congestion and throbbing, Belladonna, taken in low potency can be highly beneficial.
    On the other hand, in case of dull aching pain with slow onset, Bryona Alba is considered to be an effective drug.

Frontal head massage with application of aroma oils is also considered to relive sinus pressure and help alleviate the symptoms of dizziness.

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