Rickettsia Rickettsii: Treatment For Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Rickettsia rickettsii is caused due to tick bites and it is a causative organism for Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF).

Rickettsia Rickettsii

It is transmitted through the tick bites and children are at a greater risk, though adults can also get infected. It is more restricted to western countries. Humans get accidentally affected with rickettsia ricketssii when they come in contact with the ticks.

The organism is a gram negative bacillus of rickettsia family.

Risk factors are: ticks on dogs, a person staying near woods, and persons handling wild animals.

Symptoms Of Rickettsia Rickettsii

It takes 2 to 14 days for the symptoms to appear after the tick bite.

  • In the early stage it is very difficult to distinguish rickettsia rickettsii from other viral disease.
  • Headache, red rash and fever, occurs on the second or third day and it is located on wrists, palms, ankles and soles. The petichial Rash spreads to abdomen and back after some time.
  • Rash is always present in Rocky Mountain spotted fever.
  • Malaise, pain in the muscles, vomiting and difficulty in vision are other symptoms often seen in RMSF.
  • Cough is often present.
  • Meningitis, seizures, neurological deficits, pain in chest is also symptoms of RMSF.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Treatment

Antibiotics are necessary to reduce the symptoms and complications.

Symptomatic treatment is given to the patient.