Orange Sputum: What does Orange Phlegm Mean?

Orange Sputum

The color of the sputum largely depends on what the causative factor of the particular respiratory disease is. They may also change as the disease progress and when compliance to treatment especially antibiotic medications is poor. What does orange phlegm mean? This may indicate a respiratory disorder wherein the causative agent is kleibsella. The color of your sputum may be greatly influenced by your food and beverage intake, especially those with strong food coloring. A yellow orange phlegm can be caused by intake of orange juice.

What Does a Phlegm Color Indicate?

  • White: This may have just been caused by an allergen.
    This is common and can easily be cured by water therapy and antihistamine.
  • Red-tinged or orange sputum: This may be indicative of bronchitis or bronchiolitis. This should alert you though because this can later on progress to red, which is suggestive of a more serious problem like bleeding of the respiratory tract or tuberculosis.
  • Bright orange sputum: This often happens to those who are under tuberculosis treatment. One of their medication, which is rifampicin, has an effect of making bodily excreted fluids be colored orange, which includes orange sputum.
  • Green: Usually observed with patients who have pneumonia.
    Dark green sputum may suggest of pseudomonas infection.

Home Remedies for Orange Sputum

  • Sugar, onion, ginger: Make a tonic out of these 3 ingredients. Then drink once daily; this thins the mucus and be easily coughed out.
  • Water and eucalyptus: Pour hot water on eucalyptus leaves; this makes an improvised steamer and humidifier.
  • Pepper and honey: Mix a pinch of pepper with a teaspoon of honey. Take this twice a day. This helps clear the throat.

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