High Fiber Content Vegetables and Fruits

High Fiber Vegetables and Fruits

With people becoming more and more health conscious these days, it is then no wonder that high fiber vegetables and fruits are becoming more and more popular. What are high fiber vegetables and what are their fruity counterparts? High fiber vegetables are basically vegetables that contain high levels of dietary fiber, and this kind of fiber helps a person have a healthier digestive tract, and inevitably, a healthy body. The same goes for fruits that are high in fiber. Ingesting these kinds of vegetables and fruits will help a person live a healthier life while reducing his the risk of suffering from a number of ailments.

List of High Fiber Fruits and Vegetables

Men should try to ingest at least 30 grams of vegetables a day, and women should strive for at least 21 grams. If you are wondering exactly what fiber-rich vegetables can help you become healthy and what fruits can do the same thing, here are some of the high fiber vegetables and fruits that you should eat more of and how many grams of fiber is in each serving size:

  • Cooked artichoke: 1 medium-sized serving is equivalent to 10.3 grams of fiber
  • Cooked peas, broccoli, turnip greens, sweet corn, and brussels sprouts: a cup of each of these cooked vegetables is equivalent to fiber content between 8 grams to 4 grams
  • Cooked split peas, lentils, black beans, lima beans, and baked beans: a cup of each of these legumes can give you between 16 to 10 grams of fiber
  • A pear or apple with skin on, a banana and an orange: a medium-sized serving will give you somewhere between 8 grams to 3 grams of fiber