Grease Burns: First Aid, Treatment And Burn Injury Recovery

One of the common kitchen hazards are grease burns. The burns caused by grease can be minor superficial burns or deep burns, which may require a medical professional help.

First Aid For Grease Burns

You may have come across of minor burns some time in your life while cooking. It may be due to grease or the oil that may have burnt your finger or the hand or face while cooking. Following are the steps to treat the grease burns.

Turn on the tap and place your finger or your hand under the flowing water.

Let it get wet for 10 to 15 minutes. You will have a soothing feeling. Your burning pain will get relieved.

Treatment For Grease Burns

  • Remove the extra grease stuck to your skin with the help of a clean cloth, and apply a soothing antibiotic ointment. You can apply aloe vera gel on the burnt area.
  • If the blister pop up take care not to break it on your own. Your doctor may help to dress the wound. If the burn is on legs, you may elevate your leg to control the swelling.
  • Apply simple sterile gauze loosely on the burn and avoid applying tape on the burn area.

Burn Injury Recovery

If the burn area caused due to grease is larger than 2 inches you should consult your doctor. He may give you anti inflammatory medicines for relieving the pain and oral antibiotics. At times he may also inoculate with tetanus vaccine.

Superficial burns may take six to seven days to heal, while deep burns may take a longer time.

Regular changing of bandage dressing may be necessary. While removing it, soak in a mild antiseptic solution so that it will be gently removed.  Apply a thin layer of antibiotic cream before bandaging in a loose manner.