Factor 11 Deficiency: Treatment For Clotting Factor XI Deficiency

Factor 11 is bleeding disorder caused due to lack of factor 11 in the blood. It is also called Rosenthal syndrome who detected it in 1953, and hemophilia C. This is a rare disorder, and 1 in 100000 persons get affected with factor 11 disorder.

Factor 11 Deficiency

Factor 11 deficiency is reported to be common among Jews. The transmission is an autosomal recessive, and both male and female are equally affected.

The deficiency of factor 11 in Ashkenazi Jews is more prevalent and around 9% of Ashkenazi Jews suffer from it in Israel.

The reason behind it is intermarriage which is common among this group.

The bleeding tendency in factor 11 deficiency is much lower than hemophilia A and hemophilia B.

Clotting Factor XI Deficiency

There is less likelihood of spontaneous bleeding in factor 11 deficiency, unless there is a trauma or a surgery.  There are certain procedures where the chances of bleeding are increased, such as dental extraction, tonsillectomies, nasal surgery and genital surgery. A woman may bleed more after delivery and she may also suffer from excessive periodic bleeding known as menorrhagia. Bruising after mild trauma, nose bleeding and blood in urine are also some of the manifestation of factor 11 deficiency.

Factor 11 Deficiency Diagnosis And Treatment

Diagnosis of factor 11 is possible from tests such as bleeding time, platelet function test, prothrombin time test and activated partial prothrombin time test. Factor 11 assay is used to confirm the deficiency.

Treatment for factor xi deficiency

Treatment is with fresh frozen plasma, in some cases other fibrinolytic agents are also used, especially in bleeding from mouth.

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