Factor V Leiden Deficiency: Treatment For Factor 5 Blood Disorder

Factor v leiden deficiency is an incorrect terminology used by many physicians, actually what they mean is factor v leiden. It is a condition which occurs when a certain gene from your parents is inherited, leading to abnormal blood clotting.

Factor V Leiden Deficiency

  • Factor v is responsible for normal blood clotting and factor v laiden is a mutated gene of factor v.
  • Persons having factor v deficiency bleed more than their normal counterparts. Whereas a person with factor v leiden has the tendency for abnormal blood clotting.
  • People having factor v leiden gene may often suffer from blood clots.

Symptoms Of Factor 5 Leiden

When there is factor v deficiency, bleeding tendency in that person increases. It is an inherited disorder, the clotting factor is low and thus the bleeding time increases in such patients. It is a rare disorder. The bleeding tendency may be noted during the birth, but normally 50% are diagnosed with factor v deficiency when they become adult. Factor v deficiency is diagnosed by finding low factor v in the blood examination. The treatment is fresh frozen plasma, or infusion of platelet concentrates since platelets have a good amount of factor v adsorbed on them, it is an effective method to raise factor v levels.

Diagnosis of factor v leiden

From the blood test, it is possible to find out the factor v leiden gene. Doppler study may reveal the site and size of the clot.

Treatment For Factor 5 Blood Disorder

  • A person suffering form factor v leiden does not need any treatment if he is asymptomatic.
  • If there are blood clots present in lower leg veins or anywhere else, blood thinning agents are usually administered to prevent clots. You may have to take these medicines for few months.
  • Rarely surgery is opted for removing the clots.