Factor 2 Deficiency: Blood Clotting Factors Deficiency Treatment

Factor 2 deficiency is a blood clotting problem, which is caused due to lack of a substance in the blood called prothrombin. This substance is responsible for normal clotting of blood.

Causes Of Factor 2 Deficiency

  • Deficiency of vitamin K; it results from prolonged use of antibiotics, obstruction in the bile duct due to a stone and other liver causes, decreased absorption of nutrition from the intestine.
  • Liver disease.
  • Anticoagulant therapy, which is needed in heart condition and brain disorders.
  • Some children’s are born with vitamin K deficiency. For this to occur, both the parents should be carriers of factor 2 deficiency.

Symptoms Of Blood Clotting Factors Deficiency

  • Abnormal bleeding after trauma.
  • Bleeding does not stop after surgery.
  • Continuous bleeding after delivery.
  • Mild trauma causes bruising.
  • Abnormal bleeding from nose.

Test to determine factor 2 deficiency: Blood test for prothrombine time, partial prothrombine time and factor 2 essay.

Factor II Deficiency Treatment

  • When such a situation arises, blood loss can be replaced by transfusing fresh or frozen plasma. Vitamin K, is given in the form of capsules, injection.
  • Doctors therefore advise PT, PTT, bleeding time and clotting time tests before surgery. ¬†They can take extra precaution if factor 2 is deficient in the patient.
  • Factor 2 deficiency can be a lifelong, if it is inherited.
  • If it is caused due to liver problems, then taking care of liver condition and administration of vitamin K will be effective.