Blood Sugar Levels in Children: Glucose levels of children & Diabetes

Some people do not realize that diabetes can actually begin and happen early on in childhood. This is what is called juvenile diabetes and can occur in children as young as 4 years old. For you to know whether or not your child is suffering from juvenile diabetes, you will need to know what healthy blood sugar levels in children should be. If you suspect that your child is suffering from diabetes, you might want to have them tested to see if they have normal blood sugar levels.

What to Do Before Blood Sugar Testing

Healthy blood sugar levels in children indicate that they do not have diabetes.

And for you to determine your child’s blood sugar levels, you will need to have them undergo testing. The normal blood sugar levels in children that tell you your child is not diabetic is around 100 mg/dl, which is slightly higher than the normal blood sugar level for women, which that is at 83 mg/dl, and lower than grown men which, is at 100 to 130 mg/dl. Before your child is to be tested, they should have not eaten anything within the past 6 to eight hours.

What to Do If Your Child has Juvenile Diabetes

If your child is diagnosed with juvenile diabetes after he or she is found to have higher than the normal fasting blood sugar levels in children, you should ask your doctor for what to do.

You will need to prepare yourself for the changes that will happen with your life along with the changes in your child’s life. You will also need to prepare your child for the treatments that they have to undergo for this ailment and the necessary changes they have to go through with their life because of this.