Bentonite Clay Side Effects: Side Effects of Calcium Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay Side Effects

Bentonite clay is a substance that comes from weathered volcanic ash. This mineral-laden material is often used for detoxifying a person’s body. This is due to the strong electromagnetic field the clay emits and uses to attract and expel toxic substances with. Bentonite clay has been used for ages by many different ancient civilizations for purifying a person’s body internally and externally.

Safety and Side Effects

  • While this substance is generally safe to use, with the FDA including it in its list of GRAS or “generally recognized as safe substances,” you should be aware that there are side effects to look out for nonetheless.
  • One of the bentonite clay side effects that you should look out for is constipation. This usually occurs when the clay is used internally for colon cleansing. You can try to avoid this uncomfortable side effect by adding some fiber to your bentonite clay before ingestion.

Hydrated Bentonite Clay and Calcium Bentonite Clay

  • It is ideal for a person who wants to take any kind of bentonite clay, be it calcium bentonite clay or hydrated bentonite clay, to consult with a doctor first.
  • While there are no known serious calcium bentonite clay side effects or hydrated bentonite clay side effects, it is better for a person to be safe than sorry.
  • If you are under any kind of medication, try to ask your doctor’s advice before you undertake detoxification procedures using this substance since bentonite clay can interfere with the body’s absorption of medication. You should also take nutritional supplements when you are using bentonite clay to detoxify yourself.